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Star Trail didn't impress, at least not on me, a few years ago. Releasingloads of inferior versions of classic riddims and adding extremely unoriginalsingers and DJ:s on them. The latest year however, their output has improved a lot. With great tunes from Anthony B and Everton Blender StarTrail has carved a niche as a supplier of solid reality tunes. Musicallythey are still borrowing a little to much from the past for my taste,(And I have a riddim directory on internet, I love ancient riddims. But...) but is killer ragga riddim from Star Trail. This is from Louie Culture's I See. Also worth checking out is Anthony B's cut Swarm Meand Wickerman's Boy A Go Cry. (Maybe I'm being unfair, Burning Bush was a original riddim too, and Anthony B's version Fire Pon Rome was a unexpected but well deserved hit)

Selecta april/97

:-) Selecta

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Not that great stink and playground riddim leave this riddim in a di dirt

Comment by: clarkeant Date: 2006-03-31

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