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Cry Baby

Christopher Birch follows the trend´to do a one drop, after being very sucessfull with nu style riddims such as My Swing, Fiesta and one of the best riddims of 2004 – Military.

Apart from the one covered in this years round up, the one drop fans may be interested in checking out the following too:

Pure Joy (Agustus Pablo feel with sampled (?) melodica)
Crystal Woman (great Richie Spice and Antony B:s popular Player No More)
London Rock – Scorpio (A lot of great singers, FP, Luci, Gentleman, Jimmy Reily)
Talk About It (Actually not a 2005 riddim but worth checking out. Fantastic cuts, especially the Beres Hammond title track which is HUGE, but the others are almost as good).
Bingi Trod (not one of my favourites, real slow nayabingi drumming, but popular)
… and many more.

This version is Assassin showing he can do his thing over a one drop too. Riddim called Cry Baby. Strong lyric this, as a lot of his stuff. Not that he comes close to Tanya Stephens (which to me is in a class of her own in the business), but still…

End of last year saw Assassin really catching speed, and I sort of held back on naming Assassin the hottest DJ of 2004, as I though he would be huge in 2005. But, despite a number of big tunes and a CD released, he didn’t buss as, say for example, Ele in 2003. Nevertheless, I think Assassin is the number on dancehall artist of 2005, with a string of great tunes during late 2004 and early 2005. However, it looks like the work associate with the release of his long player actually caused him to loose momentum.

I hate to say it, but I think a high profile cooperation with an R&B or Hip Hop star is just what his career need. It even seems his talents have not yet been discovered by all dancehall fans. Anyway, he’s hot, so it’s not unlikely this happens, and if it does, it’s going to be interesting.

A real disappointment top me was that Assisins tune on the same riddim as Sean Pauls We’ll Be Burning/clubbing (Stepz), didn’t get the push it should have by being on the same riddim as SP:s tune. Tune called Ideat Ting Dat, very strong, but perhaps Assassin lyrics was way to powerful, he should have followed the path of SP and changed it to something like, eeeh… A Clubbing Ting Dat? That would have made him rich and famous! Obviously self censuring is the path to success for JA artists…

“Man a dress up inna name brand suit nah mine him yute (A eediat ting dat!)
A gal pickney a walk bare foot and she inna name brand boot (A eediat ting dat!)
Nuff man a dish mama dirt an a put dem gal fuss, yo (A eediat ting dat!)
A buy gal Lexus mama a fi walk and a tek bus, no star!!! (Eediat ting dat!)

Fi send all yute a school mama haffi spend every cent wha she have and (A Eediat ting dat!)
Mama yute lef School qualify, but still caan get a job, yo (A eediat ting dat!)
Twelve year old yute a prowl wid M16 (Eediat ting dat!)
Big grey tone man a look likkle girl weh a fifteen (No sah, Eediat ting dat!)”

Full lyrics:http://reggaesound.com/lyric/main.php?mod=lyric&id=594

While on the subject of self censoring, perhaps you have heard the version of Marlon Asha’s Ganja farmer where everything that can be considered controversial is cut out? At least 50 of the lyrics are gone, it very difficult to guess what the song is actually about! A ediat ting dat, feh tru. But sort of funny in a sense…

Thanks & Praise - Sizzla
Still The Same - Morgan Heritage
All By Myself - Buju Banton
Playing Games - Voice Mail
Journey - T.O.K
As Far - Elephant Man
God Nah Sleep - Assassin
My Cry - Shaggy
Wrong Conclusion - Rik Rok
Woman I Love - Anthony Cruz
More Love - Singing Melody
I Do - Junior Kelly
Cry No More - Keishera

:-) Selecta

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Comments (latest first):

Everybody is saying God Nah Sleep is Assassin's best tune. It isn't.

"Step Pon Dem" is much better.

Comment by: therealnick Date: 2007-08-21

jemwa erzobcw qiaurp jpwkhfmdq xhfayrw acims hnseyx

Comment by: owspijy intybwo Date: 2007-03-25

big chune...not a big fan of ele but he killed this one.
sizzla as always,as expected,morgan heritage,i kinda hated this one at first but now...its on my top 3.
big up to all on this riddim..definately no fillers!!!

Comment by: Deedza Date: 2006-12-08

Morgan is blazing pon dis yah drop really love it.

Comment by: Dj Rashow Date: 2006-06-20

Great riddim all the artists did there thing. Keishera good tune, Morgan H smooth,Voice Mail killa tune well done,last but not least Assassin ,bravo
nice song with substance .
God na sleep
all wa u a go on with
and u fell say no body na see it
(pull up and come again)

Comment by: Date: 2006-06-03


Comment by: ghkj Date: 2006-05-29

boyacasha lick ina de bum hole dem

Comment by: rasta Date: 2006-05-27

I'm damn sure it's not anthony cruz that sing woman i love, it's jah cure.

Comment by: i dont need drama so dont come at me disrespectful because you get nothig but the cold shoulder. Date: 2006-05-19

Question,Why is it so hard to find the
goog riddims in store (cry baby,seasons,
sweet sop etc.

Comment by: babyface Date: 2006-05-06

simply wickid lovers style riddim

Comment by: GENARAL Date: 2006-04-22

this is one of my favorite riddims.The first time i heard it i was like wowww thats hot right there but i didnt know the name of the riddim.so everytime they would play this riddim i use get upset because i knew who was singing the songs but i didnt know the name of the riddim.it took me like 4 months for me to finnaly get that riddim.i lke that ELE song that VOICE MAIL song that MORGAN HERITAGE song and rik rok

Comment by: the m@ster Date: 2006-04-20

morgan heritage pon dis riddim gwan good

Comment by: AJ Date: 2006-03-05

dis riddim is Very GOOD

Comment by: Bod Mon Date: 2006-02-06

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