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State Of Emergency

Great rootsy riddim from Gibbo who last year was very successful with another one in the same style: Hard Times. With a father who was the man behind some pivotal roots foundation productions with among others Burning Spear, he certainly has not fallen far from the tree.

I love this riddim, a bit more heavyweight then the current trend of laid back one drop riddims such as Seasons, Drop Leaf, Rose Apple. If you do too, also check out his Love Life riddim (I Wayne Life Service, Richie Spice Uptown Girl)

Lot’s of great cuts on this one, but I guess that real hit was missing to make the riddim real big. I would love to have heard Jah Cure on this. His later releases have exclusively (as far as I can remember) been on the softer typa riddims, but before he went to jail he did a lot of great tune over more roots oriented riddims. Would have been very interesting to hear what he would have done on this one.

Speaking of Jah Cure… finally it’s been confirmed that Jah Cure will perform a series of live shows in what is expected to be a longer tour during spring 2006. Only two dates has been confirmed yet, don’t miss these…:

The 2:nd of Februri he will be performing in the cafeteria, and following up on that he will headline a second show by the front gates the 6:th.

I’ll keep you posted as further dates and venues are being confirmed.

…….ok, I admit - I stole that joke from the dancehall reggae board. Funny, funny… perhaps.

Jah Cure keeps releasing fantastic tunes, not doubt about it, he’s the brightest shining star in the reggae world at the moment. At least there is something positive with his jail sentence, he’s not able to flood the market with tunes. The release pace he’s got not is probably ideal for an artist that want to have a long recording career. Hope his able to keep it that way even when he’s out. Next possible parole date is sometimes 2007 I think, so we wont know for quite some time.

The debate whether if his guilty or not to the charges took some interesting turns this year

First the victim stood forward to tell her story. Surprisingly, that didn’t shed much light over the event. It still comes down to if you can recognize a man by his voice. Which is of course ironic as Jah Cure is a singer and do possess a unique voice.

Second Jah Cure released the tune “Inside These Prison Walls” which contained the following lines:

“Dont judge me wrong cuz now im stronger than I was before.
I was young and unwise, didnt you hear my cry?
If possible to seee the changes in me that I’ve made in my life
all they see is just the boy i’ve left behind

I swear that I can be a better man.
I swear, only you could understand.
I swear that I can be a better man.
I swear, if only you could understand.
The faith in me shall set me free (reflections)
The faith in me shall set me free (reflections)”

Now, doesn’t that sound like a confession? However, it soon turned out that the tune was not written by Jah Cure himself, and unlikely as it may seem, it looks like Jah Cure himself never reflecgted on how people wounld interpret this song. Which by some immidaitely was seenas a clear evidence he didn’t do it. While to others it meant he did. Anyway, it brougth even more interest into himself and his works.

Anthony Cruz - My Father
I Wayne - Life Service
Junior Reid - State Of Emergency
Richie Spice - Uptown Girl
Ronoco - Give It To You
Chuck Fender - Promises
Ginjah - Go Thy Way
Bushman - Scent Of A Man
Natty King - Outa Road
George Nooks - I Never Learned
Luciano - Virtuous Woman
Tami Chin - So In Love
Lutan Fyah - Fighting For Equal Rights
Sharee - My Mr Right
Chezidek - Long Struggle

:-) Selecta

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Where is Gibbo now?

Comment by: Date: 2008-12-18

talkin' about roots....

Comment by: raymond Date: 2006-02-06

This is the real thing.

Comment by: Date: 2006-02-01

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