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Rose Apple

Another one of those swooping one drops, this time produced by Chris “Iceberg” Blake, associate with Don Corleon. As people keep pointing out, it’s not a Don Corleon production. As if it made such a difference. In my ears it’s as good as a Don Corelon, and if it would have been his name on the label it would have been much bigger.

So what is there to say about the one drop craze? A lot I guess, because there isn’t many people on the net trying to proved you with analyzes of the dancehall and reggae scene. Xept me, so…:

It’s been said that the new interest in one drops reflects a search for a more radio friendly sound. Another explanation is said to be that increasing violence in JA which would cool of the interesting in “violent” music. (The JA violence is reaching levels where you may start to talk about death tolls worthy of a small civil war. I bet the death rate is gun related violence is higher then Iraq!)

I find the latter nonsense, there isn’t anything violent in dancehall per se. Unless lyrics like “Weddy, weddy, weddy, weddy, jiggy, jiggy, jiggy, dance, dance, dance” over a soca flavoured riddim provoke you to commit some kind of improvised act of violence. Which is of course very understandable.

No, I think the thing is that reggae is growing on a global basis. More and more people get into the music, and if you are new to it, a solid one drop is always irresistible. It is to us who has followed the music for 30 years too; with the difference that we have heard it all a million times before. So one drops will be successful when the music is reaching out to new people, but when it’s not expanding, you need something that is new to the already devoted.

My theory is that that’s why reggae turned digi dancehall in the mid eaighties, that’s why the dancehall sounds once again developed took a leap with Beenie, Ele, Vegas in early 2000 - 2002.

What I think we see now is an expansion outside the core devotees. This allows for a huge revival of traditional one drops. At the same time it seems the already devoted in the in the big three, JA, London and New York, are pretty content with the current dance sounds.

In addition, I think an important observation is that the two sides to dancehall- the traditional the one drop on one hand and the “bashment” dance music on the other is diverting more and more from each other. An interesting example is some of this years riddims, Bionic Ras, Siren and so other on one hand and Strivers, Season, Bingi Trod on the other. Very different types of music. Still, yet there are the same producer behind it and the same artists on it. It’s just that in the long run it very difficult to see how this could appeal to the same audience.

Traditionally there has always been a strong connection between the modern sounds and the foundations sounds. This link is to veteran followers of the music much of the charm with JA music, but unfortunately it seems that this link is slowly getting weaker.

This is starting to show in many ways. The most notable is that at huge reggae festivals with line-ups of 20 – 30 reggae artists there is often no longer any dancehall artists at all. No Beenie, No Bounty. Not even a Ele or a Kartel. A pure bobo hill runnins inna deh area. Abyssinians. Israel Vibration. Culture. Gladiators! At best there are som new bobo artists represented. It’s almost unreal to see huge audiences of 20 year old, smoking bad weed and hailing crap artists such as Perfect, Turbulence, Bascom X and Tafarri as if they where huge Jamaican music icons from way back. (Speaking of crap artist, those guys performing with Capleton… are their only mission in life to be as crappy as possible to make Capleton appear better then he actually is?)

And even though there are clubs in every large city of the world dances crammed with girls in fishnet clothing whining to the latest JA bashment tunes, it seems to me that the modern dancehall sounds are loosing out to the traditional sounds.

That’s my theory.

Perhaps it’s nothing to worry about, but again, a lot of us found this link between the new and the old very, very charming. It is going to be very interesting to se what happens over the next two, three years.

Alex From TOK - I Try
Anthony B - Think Dem Coulda
Leroy Smart - Righteous Woman
Norrisman - Hold Your Own
Perfect - World Trade Center
Roundhead - Hempire
shaka pow - Dem Cant
Sizzla - Show A little Love
Thrilla U - Under 15
Tornado And Bugle - If I Say I Love You
Turbulence - Repartriation

:-) Selecta

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Comments (latest first):

wfsdgwsgbdvc x

Comment by: datucha Date: 2010-06-15

pain with capleton bubo zarro and contractor

Comment by: Date: 2008-10-13

pain with capleton bubo zarro and contractor

Comment by: Date: 2008-10-13

"Show a little love and be niccee!!" - Sizzla!!

Comment by: Jahanjin Date: 2008-07-24

so fresh

Comment by: by fizzle Date: 2008-07-17

where can I find the lyrics for Tornado And Bugle -If I Say I Love You?

Comment by: Date: 2007-09-20


Comment by: Date: 2007-03-28

Never satisfied is a wicked track on this here riddim. by tok.

Comment by: waz Date: 2006-12-06

HEre a song for that riddim.

Comment by: Date: 2006-08-29

wicked ya brethern

Comment by: bo Date: 2006-08-20

Yeah, Buddah I got a bit carried away there...

"Crap" was perhaps a bit harsh. And Capleton is definately not crap, his great live. It's his bobo friends ("house of Judah"?) that I think perhaps has greater talents for selling Wirgleys then for music. But I'm sure they are all nice guys. And after all, they do make Capleton seem even better then he is, so in the en they obviously have a have a purpuse inna iration....

Comment by: :-) Selecta Date: 2006-07-18

Ay fadda, dis riddim sick, but i cant agree wit u about ure category of "crap" artist. Turbulance bad, Perfect bad, Bascom X is OK....and Capleton sick bad...but all in all that is my opinion....but big up ya' self still, cuz u doin somthing positive here......SOUN' DI BIG TING


Comment by: BUDDAH Date: 2006-07-18

the sweetesstt riddim arround
mia tell yo

charly.B say dat
one love
ps: mi soon send unno mi tune pon the version....

Comment by: charly.B Date: 2006-06-26

much luv for this riddim

Comment by: The K Date: 2006-06-14

german producer TEKA plays the guitar on this riddim. he did not know that they were recording that. afterwards they built the riddim around the guitar.

Craaaazy Story but TRUE!

Believe Me!

Comment by: Warlord Date: 2006-05-23

found your website today breden, and i'm hooked!!
i think my boss i gonna HATE you since i wasted 6
out of my 8 hour work day reading your reviews.
this one, in particular, made be belly laugh!! "It’s
almost unreal to see huge audiences of 20 year old,
smoking bad weed and hailing crap artists such as
Perfect, Turbulence, Bascom X and Tafarri as if they
where huge Jamaican music icons from way back."
(*wipes tears from eyes*) so true - classic!! keep it
up rude bwoy and i'll be back daily. respect!

Comment by: happy hayden the pxl:pshr - saigon, vietnam Date: 2006-04-10

mojah is terrrrrrible!!!!!!

Comment by: ""Mister Brech"" Date: 2006-04-03

The Kalonji was the biggest tune on here for me..that and the Fanton Mojah.

Comment by: Mello Ites Date: 2006-03-30

ty, its I live My Life by Roundhead. :)

Comment by: LeoBlack Date: 2006-03-25

ty, its I live My Life by Roundhead. :)

Comment by: LeoBlack Date: 2006-03-25

it's a very bad riddim.. congratulation

Comment by: Black mamba sound (pg) Date: 2006-03-18

what song do u have playing on the rose apple page its NICE.

Comment by: ty. Date: 2006-02-23


Comment by: Date: 2006-01-30

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