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World Jam

Damien "Junior Gong" Marley is enjoying chart success with the riddim and the tune “Welcom To Jamrock”

The riddim once a big tune from Ini Kamoze, an original from Sly and Robbie done for Ini:s excellent first album. A classic album, check it out. The “out on the streets...” wail on the Gong tune is Kamoze taken from the original tune.

There are at least two recuts out. Frenchies/ Maximum Sounds cut (who also put out Fowl Fight this year, great riddim but mildly successful) by Fire House Crew is avilable on Grel CD.

So technically this is a recut, but as it hasn’t been version since its original release (to my knowledge) I included it here as a 2005 riddim anyway.

Lets talk about the recut side a tings for 2005 den…:

Earlier I said that Jammys Sleng Teng was recut of the year, but there certainly were a lot of other new version of classics done. Some the springs to mind are (I’m sure there are others) Cuss Cuss, Sleng Teng, Lecturer, Revolution, I Hold The Handle, Golden Hen/Johnny Dollar/Mad Mad, Drum Song, Bam Bam, Boogle, Real Rock, Baddis and Giggy/Mama/Bogle. And a few more.

Golden Hen/Johnny Dollar/Mad Mad version was called Dutty Rub. The Bam Bam version was called Raw Food. I HATE IT WHEN THEY RENAME A CLASSIC! FUCKERS! Especially Golden Hen/Johnny Dollar/Mad Mad, like if three names wasn’t already enough!. And it’s not like people wouldn’t recognize a straight Mad Mad and take it for an original anayway!

Some clever alteration of the name is better, like for example 'Giggy/Mamma' as Throwback Giggy. Or Street Sweeper recut as Battery Dolly (after Beenies Street Sweeper cut). Or Stonelov that did a return of Real Rock called… Real Rock Return. Thanks Stonelove, appreciated:). Or Here I Come as Intercome (Barrington Levy uses an intercom in his tune. Although Here I Come is actually another name on Dennis Browns Revolution. Do you follow? :)

But the most interesting thing was the recut/re-release of Baddis. That just a few years old! A great riddim, sure, but isn’t the cycle times getting a bit _TO_ short if you recutting a 7 year old riddim?!?

Bounty Killer - Poor People
Luciano - A No Like We No Like Them
Vybz Kartel - How We Ride
Daville - My Grade
Beenie Man - From Jamaica
Richie Spice - All For A Cause
Anthony B - World A Reggae Music
Lukie D - Stand Up Firm
Ward 21 - Worldwide Connection
Tony Curtis - Bless Me
Chukki Starr - Hard Fi Smile
Prilly Hamilton - Murderer
Future Troubles - Too Much Blood A Run
Chuck Fender - Jah Nah Sleep
General Degree - Must Run Away
Red Rat - Ghetto Youths Fi Rich
Baby G - In The Street

:-) Selecta

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Comment by: dswhmj4ust Date: 2008-04-28

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Comment by: awz0kxavav Date: 2008-02-12


Comment by: Date: 2007-12-05

Sizzla's Cut

Comment by: Cliffad Date: 2007-04-16

big chune!

Comment by: Date: 2006-12-24

I actually have a tune before the Ina Kamoze cut....it sounds like late 70's early 80's....when i find it, ill upload it

MuZiK MaStaZ

Comment by: BajanBuddah Date: 2006-07-18

This is the best riddim of 2005 fu sure.

Comment by: N.K Date: 2006-07-14

hi, i'm from mexico this is the original riddim, since 1980 by dennis brown, "joy in the morning"

Comment by: Date: 2006-07-12

è uno dei maggiori riddim che spacca al momento alle dancehall

Comment by: bambadhead Date: 2006-06-01

ohhh thats a good

Comment by: me Date: 2006-05-19

I would like a DJ to mix Lil kims "welcome to Brooklyn" wit Jr. Gongs "Welcome to jamrock"

Comment by: kalibre Date: 2006-05-16

The Riddim came from: Ina Kamozi's World a Music.
However check out Horace Andy's: Rock me to Sleep (this is probably the fledgling beginings of the riddim)

Comment by: DJ Sinner Date: 2006-04-08

Yeah mi lion mi name a jr gong watch ya dreed BOOM
big up the westside pointers

Comment by: Lesbian Seagull Date: 2006-03-29

No dj a dweet like Jr Gong yah know! Out in the Streets it IS murdah. Beleed dat!

Comment by: YT Gunnfinga Date: 2006-03-16

Anthony B's redo of World A Music is my favorite on this riddim, at least from the Greensleeves Sampler. Wish they would have made it the same speed as the original riddim though. Its about 6-8 bpms faster.

Comment by: DBA Date: 2006-03-03

U done know that one bounty on the world jam riddim it must sound good..a like it.

Comment by: kerry Date: 2006-02-20

Dis tune sound de best when Jr. Gong dweet.

Comment by: Date: 2006-02-20


Comment by: Date: 2006-02-15

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