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Darker Shade Of Black

"Yet another Jackie Mitto/Studio One original"... I wrote on this page.Well, some time a pass an Pupa Vlado told me this story:

He had very unexpectedly found the original Soul Dimension's Darker Shade Of Black on a Jamaican 7" in his local record store. Trembling with exitement (well, he didn't put it exactly this way, but I think it's a pretty good guess...) he put it on the player. As he was skanking, wawing his arms, uttering strange noices (ok, ok, my guess again) and generally getting down to some serious musical Yard magic his girlfriend walked through the room saying: "nice tune, Beatles "Norweigen Wood"...

Obviously this is the case, verified among other places in rec.music.reggae.It took some time before I changed this page because I had the ambition toput the Beatles tune on the site too, but it turned out I didn't know anyone who had it. When I get hold of it I'll put it in....

Considering this I think I have to change this page to:

Yet another Jackie Mitto/Studio One original by the Beatles.
This cut is the Junjo Lawes/ Roots Radics version that Frankie Paul cut Pass The Tu-Sheng Peng over, a big hit for Frankie P and one of his first. At the time, this was 83-84, Mr. FP wasa new singer on reggae scene and in the usual way the market was floodedwith releases. Frankie didn't cool of however, but continued to record and releasekiller tune after killer tune for years. No other reggae artist can compete with Frankie when it comes to consistency. If you ask me (Ok , youwouldn't dream of doing that, but this is my site and...;-) no reggae singer has released as many high quality records and no one has kept such a high standard as FP. In my book Dennis Emmanuel Brown is the only competition, but I'll gofor Frankie anytime. If you get a chance to catch FP live don't miss it.It's a fantastic , almost unreal, experience to hear his voice live.It's so strong! And he's still making excellent records, check his recent Freedom album for Fatis for evidence. Or visit any dance anywhere in the world, a Frankie tune will mek dance ram, fi true.


:-) Selecta

Riddim origin information:
Artist: Jackie Mittoo & Soul Vendors
Song: Darker Shade Of Black
Label: Studio One

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Comments (latest first):

Nothing Even Matters- Lauryn Hill

Comment by: nattyman Date: 2009-01-01

title:get yuh story straight
rhythm:darker shade of black

bless !!!

Comment by: INGLISHyardi Date: 2008-07-16

Check out www.shade2face.com featuring Junior Reid

Comment by: Date: 2008-05-19

Shabba ranks used this krs one produced track for 'the
jam' on his raw as ever album.

Comment by: mad chatta Date: 2008-02-17

this riddim was originally done as norweigan wood by the beatles,adapted somewhat by jackie at studio one and called darker shade of black so be careful when using the word original

Comment by: vinyl gems Date: 2007-09-29


Comment by: Date: 2007-08-27

This is also the beginning riddim of Mr Vegas Hot Wuk song in his video....

Comment by: Date: 2007-07-23

I believe this is the original "Darker Shade" riddim. It's my favorite version.

Comment by: Mystic Riddims ( www.myspace.com/mysticriddims ) Date: 2007-04-22

Me just hear da original to this chune and pupa vlado's girlfriend is right 100%,Boss, The Beatles did do this back in the day "Norweigen Wood", but the late great Jackie Mitto nice it up for the bredrens thats why it is so nice and sweet today.

Big up!

Comment by: Date: 2007-04-10

Yo thanks For the info. Keep Doing your thing and with out futher aude this the original.

Comment by: Original Date: 2007-04-08

A killer tune on the Darker Shade of Black-riddim, Pompidou - Governor General, the original DJ wid di rockstone voice! Wicked!

Comment by: gggeneralen Date: 2007-02-01

What is the fast, dancehall , digital version of this riddim called? thanks

Comment by: nickel B Date: 2006-07-21

I have a copy of Norweigan Wood. My boy from Belgium told me it came from the song. I'll get it to you if you hail I. dduncombe@gmail.com

Comment by: d Date: 2006-05-26

I think this is also Dark Destroyer from King Tubby.

Comment by: kramer Date: 2006-04-17

riddim from back a yard bore

Comment by: kenjuro22 Date: 2006-03-03

Lone Ranger and Tonto by Tenor Saw always comes to my mind on this riddim.

Comment by: James Date: 2006-02-23

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