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Scoobay was collaboration between ace selector Matterhorn and some new (?) guy called Mario C and 357 Productions.

Greensleeves released 15 riddim albums this year and only two riddims was anyway near being widely popular, one was this one, Scoobay, and the other on Tunda Clap.

Makes you wonder who buys all these riddim albums. I’ve been into dancehall for 25 years and I don’t know anyone that buys more then an occasional album of a fave riddim. Really I have nothing else to add to what I said last year; making cheap riddim albums is damaging the reggae industry long-term because it doesn’t generate any interest in reggae, just suck a few extra $ out of the already devoted. If reggae is going to have a future the major record companies in the reggae industry like Grel and VP are going to have to start build artists, or they will go down with the music.

This tune from Kartel “the breast specialist” and Beenie the...ehum.... “grindcologist”?:0 was pretty cool and something of a hit.

The riddim also contained a cut where Matterhorn, eh... sings... New trend fi deh year, yes aya...selectors that...well.. talk over the riddim. Mattaron flops, but college Sky Juice actually makes a big tuned called Dance Moves over the extremely grime-ish riddim Summer Bounce (Annex/ Harvel "Gadaffi" Hart).

Speaking of Summer Bounce, that also came out on Greeensleeves as a one riddim, but I guess I was the only one that liked that one. Sounded like a jungle tune from way back, the dancehall crowd never like that, they want something at least remotely organic. Clear was another similar one in the same vain that didn’t take off. These riddims somewhat resembles the sounds from the UK grime scene. I can’t imagine that it’s anything but a coincidence, as JA producers have their minds on US more then UK these days, but it’s an interesting observation I think. Grime owes much to dancehall obviously, but has developed out of a bunch of other influences, and the dancehall that is in there is definitely pre 2004.

If you are interested in that music check Dizzie Rascals Boy In Da Corner. Marketed as a hip hop record, but to me it closer to the UK speed toasters tradition. Real cool and a change from all hardcore dancehall you guys are torturing your ears with.

Beenie Man & Vybz Kartel - Breast Specialist
Tony Matterhorn & Richie Feelings - All About Dancing 2
Elephant Man - Swear
Vybz Kartel - Stress Free
Bunji Garlin - Put In The Thing
Tony Curtis & Future Troubles - Scoobay Anthem
Cecile - Send It On
Lukie D Feat. Chicken - Love To Wuk You
Mad Cobra - Don't Watch Me
Macka Diamond - Mek That Money
Delly Ranks & Voicemail - Party Time
Wayne Wonder Feat Textra - Blazin'
Predator - Set It Up
Martina - Ina Di Center
Kiprich - Certain Bwoy
Bling Dawg - Take Cocky Gal
Lady G - Finger Licking
Degree - Empire
Razor - Workings
Ward 21- Bun Badmind
Lexus - Hot Gal
Mario C - Scoobay Rhythm

:-) Selecta

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Comments (latest first):

Oh i love 2 dance!!!!

Comment by: Mila A Date: 2008-12-20

dis my track herre ..just ah do a lil something... was at work wen i did it

Comment by: Date: 2007-01-25


Comment by: natoyabennett Date: 2006-11-04

Yoooo Vybz kartel, beenie man and bunji garland make dis riddim hot

Comment by: Scoobay Doo Date: 2006-08-28

ok I'm starting to have a problem with some of the 21st century riddim . Dancehall is Dancehall in other words if you gona built a riddim it should at least make you want to dance and this shit does't want to make me dance so to me this is not a dancehall riddim.

Comment by: Date: 2006-08-11

Oddly enough I like Tony Matterhorn on this...but then again I detest Vybz Kartel...really don't know why...otherwise GREAT RIDDIM!

Comment by: Rosie1992 Date: 2006-07-06

I got dis riddim it'z ai6ht

Comment by: T-Y Date: 2006-06-19

the riddim wasent as popular as other riddim in the 04. like the military or kopa, but still a hot riddim.

Comment by: the m@ster Date: 2006-05-19

To Much Idiot tune deh pon dis ya riddim

Comment by: MikeyLittlesportsound Date: 2006-05-02

Beenie Man & Vybz Kartel - Breast Specialist i love this song on tha riddim Beenie Man and Kartel mash up this riddim with the specialist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by: JamaicanPrincess876 Date: 2006-04-18

i love to hear the tunes

Comment by: 2006-03-28 Date: 2006-03-28

i luv this tune !!!

Comment by: Date: 2006-03-06

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