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Father Jungle Rock

Thanks to I Waynes Can’t Satisfy the Father Jungle Rock riddim had something of a revival. Other riddims from the past was the Germaican update of Night Nurse (Doctors Darling), with Tanya’s crossover hit It’s A Pity, and Stop That Train. Anything else on the revival side? Not that I can recall.

I-Waynes huge tune was kinda interesting in that it’s difficult it seems to figure out if he is condemning women trying to deal with their unfortunate situation in a poor 3:d world country or if it’s a sufferah tune complaining bout the state of affairs, that women have to turn to prostitution to get the material stuff they want. I’ve seen both interpretations, along with an interesting rmr thread on the subject. Just have to quote a little bit from the initial posting:

“The woman in I Wayne's song has several boyfriends and, according to I Wayne, takes advantage of them in material ways but also in non material ways. She is called a prostitute because of her behaviour. Well fuck that shit, this behaviour is not women's ideal of a normal life, for Christ's sake. If this I Wayne can guarantee the rest fo the world that he'll remain faithful to 1 woman and not frolic from one pussy to another, and breed like a fucking rabbit, then I may retract, but until then I'll call this idiot a dumbass hypocrite. Tired of these holier than thou moralistic morons. One of the reasons why JA is so fucked up is that there are more than 2/3 of kids who grow up without a father in their home, because men specialize in hit and run, forcing women to adopt guerrilla type tactics in which you have to pay to get their asses. The problem in Jamaica is not faggots or women, it's MEN. They are the ones who gun down each other, they are the ones who have multiple women (and therefore risk spreading diseases), who parade in the streets with beheaded heads on sticks, they are the ones who organize themselves into gangs, who write antibattyman lyrics and get stopped at the borders because of this and then cry like fucking martyrs, who smuggle coke and guns, etc... Instead of trying to improve, they relish in that madness and point fingers to avoid looking into themselves and trying to do right for once...”

More Fire!! Boom, boom, boom... :)

Newcomer of the year is I Wayne I guess, allthough apart from the huge Can't Satesfy Her hit, not much was released. The P2P demos served to boest his name incredibly, as well as some live performances, but he didn't have much other material out. The fact that VP signed him under much PR fuss shows thast there always seem to be a public interest in dreadlocked roots singers. This is something that never stops surprising me.

Yes, the P2P demos.... A thing that in 2004 kind made a first obvious impact on reggae is download. Surely it has effected sales the last few years, but this year for the first time new music spread through the p2p networks before it even got on market. This was this set of I Wayne tunes. My understanding was that it was a bunch of demos (not specials or plates, these are real tunes), but it was slapped together with some of his release material, and generally distributed in a bundle like if it was a CD. Just a few of these tunes was released on vinyl.

And what does it sound like? Allthough the demos do show that the man has talent, to me it's far from the qualities such as other singer occupying the same slot has, like Jah Cure, Lutan Fyah, Bushman, Jah Mali, Junior Kelly, the Morgan H clan and many more. In addition, JA seem to be swarmed with decent roots singers noone has ever heard of, and what really (they way I see it) sets I Wayne apart from these is that he has one major hit to boast. Warrior King springs to mind, as his career follows a similar pattern. Despite that he now has learnet to sing, it seem his time in the spotlight is over. (Allthough the flagwaver during his shows are pretty cool, have to admit that...)

:-) Selecta

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Comments (latest first):

Rah Rah Rah.... was blazin dis riddim inna di clubs... Flatbush was hott!!!

Comment by: Mila A Date: 2008-12-20


Comment by: uioi Date: 2007-12-16


Comment by: PANTYY Date: 2007-08-27


Comment by: Date: 2006-12-24

only have one problem w this riddim , on the riddim cd first of all I wayne tuneis not on the cd , second why did they tone down the riddim by cutting on the bass but overall most of the artists did good especialy j kelly and luciano. peace

Comment by: Date: 2006-07-23

Feel good vibes only. Tuff riddim.

Comment by: KOS Date: 2006-07-12

Whoever wrote the quote LARGE UP! I couldn't agree more. There are a lot of turban wearing artist who shall remain nameless that have come through my town and left shows arm and arm with bear woman that were the opposite of black...they turn toward me and my brown skill and head full of locks and keep stepping pass when a sis just wants an interview...the most i get is "blessed empress" and a mouth full of pearly whites...madness...mi luv yuh still I Wayne...DWL!

Comment by: rosie1992 Date: 2006-07-06

this is wicked

Comment by: Date: 2006-05-05

Just have to wait and see if the boy
is a sprinter or he will have a career
but he bring freshness to the dancehall
scene.And what happen to all the bashment riddim in dancehall ? Whit a lot of bass

Comment by: babyface Date: 2006-04-29

BIGG TUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by: JamaicanPrincess876 Date: 2006-04-18

**is the real name of this riddim ""NO WARRIOR""...i know NICODEMUS had a hit with father jungle rock on this riddim !!!

Comment by: GENARAL Date: 2006-04-15

its the bomb especiatune by president brown

Comment by: samu in kenya Date: 2006-03-28

i love it

Comment by: Date: 2006-03-28

This was definately a hot year for I Wayne...luv di man vibes...a definate meditation album...nuff respect!

Comment by: "Yazzy" Date: 2006-02-15

Originally Junior Delgado's "Warning" riddim or?

Comment by: Ras Tom I Date: 2006-02-04

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