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Mad Instruments

So... its a roundup this year too. Sorry about that, but the little time Ive had Ive spent refining Soundman. More on that later... Just havent got the time to report on the scene in real time at the moment. And yes... an update of the classics is planned for first half of 2005, so for you who have provided input to that... patience!

Aaaanyway...I have to say that this was not a very exiting year musically, and Im pretty sure everyone with a longer perspective on JA music agrees with me. The fact that traditional one drop riddims was really big this year to me signals that the bashement riddims (if its still ok to call them so) were weak. To and extent the traditional riddims were a trend, picked up by big producers. Still roots is kinda always roots and if more exiting things is going on elsewhere the roots riddims get pushed back.

However, tings a gwaan & tings a go dung as usual, and in addition I do not see this lack of good hardcore riddims really being very alarming, because (and Ill get back to that later) dancehall as a global movement is stronger then ever.

The only slight noticable trend was that the harder riddims turned a little faster with a little more soca feel to them. This is an example, Fire Links Mad Instruments. Great riddim and also probably the biggest hardcore riddim of 2004.

This cut is Assassins (which was one of the top DJ:s this year), Gal From. Together with Kartels very different Tekk Buddy this was lyric of the year. Great, very inventive and -funny! Surprisingly enough I could not find any transcript on the internet though, otherwise Id posted it here. Also, you who been around may notice that this is a lyric, or at least a theme, that Assassin has used before. A tune called Bad From on Lime Key last year was engineered the same way, although as far as I can tell the actual words is new this time.

Elephant Man - Mad Instruments
TOK - Fire Fire
Beenie Man - Hypocrite Friend
Assassin - Bun Dem
Vibez Cartel - Real Bad Man
Tanto Metro & Devonte - Run No Gal
Ward 21, Lady Saw - Indo
Powerman - Tekkon
Kiprich, Roundhead - Weed
Capleton - Fire Time
Elephant Man - Bun Up
Assassin - We Have Gal Long Time
Ms. Thing - Pum Pum
Mr. G - Bad Man Tonic
Daville - Gallis

:-) Selecta

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Comment by: Date: 2009-07-03

Just like tok sed dis $#!t is fire fire

Comment by: Scoobay Doo Date: 2006-08-28

Msd Instruments is one of the best riddims, I have heard for the year 2004. It was very hardcore and also the biggest especially with elephant man on a track.

Comment by: FJ Date: 2006-01-24

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