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I think this is an old Wailers riddim, Hypocrites was a Marley tune from way before his Island period. That's all I know. When I find some time I'll investigate it further. This is Bushmans excellent Fire Pon a Week Heart.

:-) Selecta

Riddim origin information:
Artist: Bob Marley & Wailers
Song: Hypocrites
Label: Wail'N Soul'M

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Where Is the Spragga Benz's Mascot,Sizzla's Commandment & I-Lue's you & yuh War on the same jammy's 1999 versions

Comment by: Mouth Of The South Date: 2009-10-03

title:mr. landlord

bless !!!

Comment by: GENARAL IRIE Date: 2008-07-16

Cyant forget bout Half Pint pon dis riddim. Or Leroy Smart(Draw Card)!
Wicked Wailers riddim.

Comment by: Selecta Diesel Date: 2008-03-25

Bounty Do Ghetto Dictionary pon dis riddim too. Da riddim yah LARGE!!!

Comment by: MasSicker Date: 2007-06-03

Yes this is an old Bab tune. My friend has the original single on a 7 inch in his juke box. One of my favorites. If you can find that one it is truly a classic and wonderful.

Comment by: Loren Miller Date: 2006-11-10

mi bun a faya pan a weak heart babylon an dem sweet talk coulda neva get me down,so it fi go rude boy.

Comment by: lukie3star@yahoo.com Date: 2006-11-05

Wah gwaan bredrens! if yuh cyan get me the name of deh Full Instermental version that plays that would be really awlsome i an i love deh riddin thats deh full riddim hit i an i up at reggaerastadub@comcast.net if you want to get i disya riddem! Nuff raspeck to you an Jah! Bless Up!

Comment by: Joshua AKA I JAH Date: 2006-07-01

You sir are completely right! An original Wailers tune from 1967, one of the first they cut for their own label Wail'n Soul'm after leaving Studio One. Classic Rocksteady. Was a hit again c/w Nice Time after Bob died.
I Think together with Burial (sung by Peter Tosh) these were the most versioned Wailer riddims during the 70's & 80's.

Comment by: Don Julian Date: 2006-04-16

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