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Another one from Vendetta Bennett, responsible for other resent efforts like Mad Ants and Krazy. The title is taken from Ele’s stupid tune Egyptian dance, a tune a lot of us just hated, partly because it was a stupid tune, partly because it was a stupid dance but mostly because every dibbi dibbi soundbwoy played it to death. I don’t ever want to hear this again, yak!

Newcomer of the year was really Vybz Kartel (I’ll save Predator for next year when he have more then one hit tune). His Sweet To The Belly was a minor hit and one in a long row of minor hits from him. I’m convinced Vybz Kartel has the potential of improving over the year like Ele has done, but I’m not convinced one man can be a Kartel and that “Vybz” or “Kartel” really is spelled like that. And…TA-DAAAA! The ”Bounty Killer substitution award” of 2003 goes too…. KARTEL! Welcome Mr Kartel into this glamours group, including previous winners such as Merciless, (2000), Baby Cham (2001) and Elephant Man (2002) (se previous JAMRID awards)!

Not only does Vybz Kartel receive the ”Bounty Killer substitution award” this year, he also brings home JAMRID:s traditional "Ninja Me Ninja Prize" given to the clash artist of the year.

Vybz brought back some fundation moves into todays clash business from the days from way back when Duke Reid and Coxone used to clash, namely a solid, firm, old school punch on the nose! It was certanly a respectful homage to the godfathers of the counteraction business he displayed when he in front of 20.000 people at Sting jumped at Ninjaman and punched him out! Reportedly this move even left the Sting audience gasping!

A video clip of this is to be found in the net, audiomaxxx has it and probably others too. The Audiomaxxx one is 17 minutes and you can se most of Vybz performance before the incident. And truly, I have to say Vybz looks really really scared when approaching the point when he has to call in Ninja. Ninja get on... and bwoy do he look confident! I think Ninja would have detronized Vybz, so that right hand to Ninjas nose was probably a real clever move. The clash ended abruptly, and no on can say Ninja killed Vybz. Or that Vibz killed Ninja for that matter (a bleeding nose may hurt, but it's pretty far from death still...)

Anyway, it’s kind of funny how many artist nowadays are getting better over the years. It used to be that they came from nowhere with one boom tune, 20 more killer tunes, a year of fame and then gone. The first artist really that got better and better over a period of time to finally be the number one was Bounty. Now a lot of artist seems to follow this pattern, most notably Ele, who is just getting better and better and better. And in the case of vybz, man... one day he's going to confront Ninja again and he need to get his act together because that is going to be a tought one!


VYBZ KARTEL - Sweet To The Belly
SEAN PAUL - Get With It Girl
ELEPHANT MAN - Egyptian Dance
ASSASSIN - It's A Girl Thing
WAYNE MARSHALL - I Will Love The Girls
T.O.K. - Coulda Wha
KID KURRUPT - Sake A Dat Gal
SIZZLA - These Are The Days
DEGREE - Hotties
REGAN - Just For Girls
FRISCO KID - Grind It Off
WARD 21 & DETERMINE - Girls In Girls Out
MADD ANJU - Get Up Nuh

:-) Selecta

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Comments (latest first):


Comment by: Date: 2009-11-08

maad chune!!

Comment by: bibi Date: 2007-12-29

Vybz Kartel is a very good singer, but one thing I don't like about him is the fact that in almost every riddim, his versions cause slight silences or reverse motions of the riddim. Sometimes you get sick of it.

Comment by: therealnick Date: 2007-08-19

mi know whaa yuh ah chat bout chadd

Comment by: .mzz.versace. Date: 2007-05-09

dis ya riddim ya ...... mi caaa even explain it....

Comment by: Chadd Date: 2007-04-14

Best Riddim Of All Time...
By Far...

Comment by: N5EKO Date: 2007-01-20

I cant beleive wot u lot are sayin about kartel...the guys already a legand...he killed this riddim!!!
No one comes close on this...marshall's i will love the girls was heavy too but kartel got this one...movado and aidonia are the up and coming artists of 2007 but since kartel became big in 2002...its been all eyes on Kartel...up 2 di time!
Big up Kartel...im 21 and hes been the best of my era!!!

Comment by: N5EKO Date: 2007-01-16

and TOK too...bad bad lyrics. love it.

ok im done now..

and vybes kartel sucks.

Comment by: wazim Date: 2006-12-12

oh and by the way Sean paul tear up egyptian riddim...lets not forget kurrup..wicked too.

vybes kartel sucks.

Comment by: wazim Date: 2006-12-12

I can't believe what i'm hearing. Vybes Kartel? OMFG! This bwai deserves no kinda award. Ninja would have killed him with lyrics at sting. His only defence was to hit the Ninja. I honestly dispise this Vybes Kartel Character. All this fucker sings about it suckky suckky this and fuckky fuckky that...come on give me a fucking break.

Comment by: wazim Date: 2006-12-12

Chali2na (Jurassic5) even bust a rhyme on this riddim. Name of song: 'Whose to blame'

Comment by: Daan Date: 2006-10-05

Vybz, SP, and W Marshall r nasty... dnt 4-get da elephant tho

Comment by: Scoobay Doo Date: 2006-08-28

mi ah rate vybs top ah top on dis riddim...kartel at his finest

Comment by: Date: 2006-05-19

hot one.elephant man killing another riddim.Vybz did is to in [SWEET TO THE BELLY].But that WINE LIKE A GYPSY,was crazy. big up to the producers of the riddim

Comment by: the m@ster Date: 2006-04-20

ELEPHANT MAN - Egyptian Dance mash up tha riddim fi di 2003!!!

Comment by: JamaicanPrincess876 Date: 2006-04-18

Yea, I like Blue Lagoon to. Wasn't that big though, was it?

Comment by: :-) Selecta Date: 2006-03-09

Yeman, blue lagoon was wicked! Hey Selecta, why isn't dat riddim in here?

Comment by: Henrique Date: 2006-02-09

The Egyptian Riddim is actually a collaboration with Daniel "Blaxx" Lewis. I never heard of him before this riddim but he put out a couple good ones later, like the blackout, and more recently "Blue Lagoon".

Comment by: Josh Date: 2006-02-08

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