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Don "Vendetta" Bennetts Krazy gave us one of the few tunes on Wayne Wonders 2003 CD No Holding Back that reminded old WW fans that he do know how to heat up a dance, the Elephant Man combination Krazy Feeling. Unfortunately not much of the rest of the material did.

But still I have to admit that I did love the WW CD anyway. Being an old Wayne Wonder fan would perhaps mean that I would disapprove of this new MOR R&B style music, but I can’t help but love it. There is something to the delivery that makes it sound fresh. Perhaps I’m getting soft in the head, or getting old…Sure, I would have chosen different tunes, he had a lot of good singles out that was not included on the album, but still it’s nice. Though after all most of his old fans rate both Original Bombshell and Da Vibe higher, and I’m in agreement with that. The albums he has released since he found his unique own style and started doing his material himself (Original Bombshell, Da Vibe, Schizophrenic and No Holding Back) are all different musically, but there still is the same vibe that goes through everything, whether it’s soft R&B or harcore dancehall riddims. And another reason for not complaining is that you hear less and less of his DJ alter ego, the extremely untalented Surprise:). It was fun a tune or two, but not more. And especially after hearing him duet with real DJ:s like this Ele combination Krazy Feeling, Just Might Squeeze with Spragga or his Bounties.

Talking about combinations, here is another team that produced a bunch of great combinations tunes he last year Bounty & Angel Doolas, this one called Nah Force. Considering all the good tunes they have made together someone should put together a combination album, would be a killer. Chunes like Fitness (G-String), Gal Turn Me On (Salsa), Under Age, Ice and Alize (Sexy Lady), In a diesel (Diesel), Pum Pum (All Out) and I bet here are more I haven’t heard.

Speaking of Bounty, turned out that he’s not as tuff as he tries to make us believe. I guess you all know by now that he cancelled his UK performance because he was afraid of a horde of gays in high heels and skirts that threatened to… do something… like shout loudly and hold up signs. This got the Warlord so frightened that he called in sick. At least that is what some people say. Others, like his “management” (you can call it that if you want to be ridiculously polite), said he caught a real bad cold, lost his passport, missed the plane, had his visa cancelled, his credit card stolen and his dog got real sick. That’s why he couldn’t make it. It didn’t have anything to do with that gay mob. "Warlord nuh fraid a no battyman."

The gay community can complain, but who cares really? Question is if they really do themselves? And the officials of the JA/dancehall recording industry may say that they do not want any anti gay lyrics but that is just hypocrisy. Everybody knows that from a record selling point there is not reason to stop voicing any gay sentiments. Because the truth is that violent anti gay lyrics - urging undereducated overarmed youths to kill nice decent innocent people and then be sent to jail - sells dancehall records. Media like Echoes claim any gay lyrics hurt the reggae industry, but they are wrong. I won’t say they are hypocrites, because they may believe it, but tunes like Boom Bye Bye filled medias interest in this respect and now noone really cares anymore. Just look at the very limited criticism of TOK:s batty tunes. Lame at best. And why is this? I’m afraid this is because JA artists are regarded as uneducated clowns that can say anything, as noone will take them seriously anyway. Western listener just find them funny. Funny in the same way as an adult find a small kid that goes "pee" and "pooh" funny.

:-) Selecta

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Wanye an Kartel Kill di riddim dats why mi love it.....

Comment by: Mila Allen Date: 2007-12-15

Wanye an Kartel Kill di riddim dats why mi love it.....

Comment by: Mila Allen Date: 2007-12-15

Bounty dun dis riddim! Pullllll up!

Comment by: MissJ876 Date: 2007-02-24

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