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Riddim of the year according to the JAMRID jury, a jury consisting entirely of real dancehall connoisseurs and experts!

Inventive, tough, very different and with loads of killer vocal on it. Lot’s of Sleng Teng in it, which can never be a bad thing, and also something that sound suspiciously similar to ZZ Top:s “Le Orange” riff! And notice how a computer (synthetic speech) voice introduces the tracks. Daring and new! Yep, truly I haven’t been so enthusiastic about a riddim since Street Sweeper and Bounce.

There is no reason to start naming cuts, just about every version is good. I think the performers also though this would be a big one and tried to do a top performance. All versions are to be found on the GREL Clappas one riddim. If you like this little snippet you’ll love the full CD. BUY!

There is just one “but”… I don’t think selectors have been so troubled since The Bug was released on CD only. They have this fantastic new riddim with nuff tuff vocals to juggle, but as the first bars of these wonderful tuff riddim booms through the speakers the dancefloor starts to empty out. Every time. At the same time the people standing in the bar are starting to dance wildly! I’ve noticed the same thing happen over and over. The fact is that it is just close to impossible to blend this riddim into a set. It does make people dance, but it’s so different from everything else it just kills the current vibe. Soo… after two – three versions the selector fling on a popular Ele to save himself. No more Clappas from him!

What also held it back was that there was no Ele version on it. That’s a real pity, because I bet Ele would do interesting things on a riddim like this. It would also have helped to keep the dance steady as people don’t leave the dancefloor when Ele is played. Not this year, no.

Clappas was produced in by Miamy by a bunch of people calling themselves South Rakkas Crew, Jamaican Canadians according to Grel press notes. Don’t know more then that, but that’s enough for me cause the riddims is pure murderation, as well as the versions.

My kids (5 and 7) hear a lot of JA music (or perhaps overhear is a more accurate word) and seldom show any sign of enjoying it, but Clappas made them jump up and down like crazy. Last time they showed some enthusiasm like that was a few years back when they heard a Vegas hit from the time. They really liked that one, kept shouting “HI-HA-HO, HI-HA-HO” loudly for quite some time. So now you know Clappas has been given the sign of approval by the real experts, the afore mentioned JAMRID jury. Come to think of it… nuff respect to all you people out there, but they probably (over)hear a lot more dancehall, from Alton Ellis to Bounty Killer, then many of you followers of JAMRID do. Sorry, thruth hurts, but since you enjoy me dissing the dancehall starts you have to live with getting a bit of punching yourself too, its only fair. Respect:)...

Oh…and what Vegas hit goes “HI-HA-HO, HI-HA-HO”? A little riddle. Think about that and read on… I’ll reveal it later (cliffhanger! Haaa…)

:-) Selecta

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Comment by: Date: 2009-11-08

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Comment by: klhdvm04rt Date: 2008-02-02

them riddim like this a Vegas bread and butter.But Vegas is a one dimension dj would like him to try some smoother ridddim or roots or somthing or collaboration w some other artists rnb rap somthing we know he can kill bashment riddim do like Beenie make one tune w Janet jackson or somebody please.Please

Comment by: Date: 2006-07-23

this is the illest riddim.. determine kills it, TOK and Beenie OWN it!

Comment by: mudbone Date: 2006-06-10

this is the sickest mash up, you mut listen its such a catchy tune everyone will love it, bash it out well loud for favoured effect,

Comment by: Jah Resurection Date: 2006-04-20

i dare u not to move to this riddim

Comment by: smokey stay high Date: 2006-04-14

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