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Good To Go! Head Nuh Good! Up To Deh Time! Hey, some dancehall slang of 2003 just to show you how incredibly up to date I am...

Why is JAMRID so much better then other sites? Because if you go to JAMRID you don’t have to browse the net forever to find an audio of the riddim you’re looking for. And secondly, when it comes to contemporary dancehall you only find the most crucial and important riddims, no obscure riddims from ever tomdickandharry from Germany to Japan. Here are just the essentials that rule the dances in JA, NY and Tokyo. You dun know…

Yes, it’s me again. And yes, I knooooow… The last few years I’ve only done a yearly update and I’m afraid this is how it’s going to be in 2004 too. Reason being that I’m using the time I’ve got on Soundman. I’ve got in average of 15 downloads a days of Soundman, and I feel I have sort of a responsibility to enhance it a little bit more to give you Soundman users an even greater software. Those of you who tried the earliest version release during the spring of 2003 know how much this software has developed the last year, but still feel I’m not really there yet. So… JAMRID will have to take a back seat for some time still.

However, the advantage is that once I do update the site, it’s a lot here and you get sort of a roundup of the year that has passed and what is on the horizon. This time last year I predicted Ele would rule the dancehall world 2003, Sean Paul would cross over in the US and Wayne Wonder would get a huge hit with No Letting Go. (It’s still there in the 2002 entries if you want to check it). Keep it locked and you may pick up something before everyone else…! This is going to be lengthy, so sit back, burn a likkle weed, open a beer, relax and Selecta will take you throw the highs and lows of 2003 dancehall style.

But before getting into the riddim business of 2003 I’d like to express some thoughts around the current one riddim album trend. Why are riddim albums such a great portion of the releases from the major reggae labels, most notably VP and Greensleeves, these days? Is this really what the consumers want? No, apparently not. Just look at the CD charts and the sales from for example major resellers like Ernie B, very seldom do you see riddim albums among the top 30 sellers. Then why do they do it? Because one riddims are cheap to produce and simple to market (if you want to call using the same look on the cover “marketing”). To be profitable it’s probably enough (and this a wild guess) to sell a fourth or less of what an artist album sell. But the most interesting question is what this does for the reggae business...:

Firstly, making an inferior product that sells less copies is long term not a good business venture, even if it due to lower productions costs is profitable short term. Especially if it’s entertainment you are selling. The interest in dancehall will slowly vanish because there just aren’t enough good products on the market. What is happening right now is that VP and Greensleeves are reaping the results of the interest in dancehall music and culture that solid artists like Buju, Beenie, Bounty, Sean Paul, Shaggy and a few others has created the least few years. This interest would not have been there in the first place if all the tunes from these artists had been made available through one riddims. And the interest will not be there in 4 years time if today’s dancehall music is only made available through one riddims.

Secondly, and this may be more important long term, riddim albums does not give artists a chance to build careers. I’m sure artists like Lukie D, Kiprich, Daville, Merciless and many more would produce much greater work if they knew that their work would be sold under their own name. At the moment majors are interested in picking up JA artists, thanks to the success of Sean Paul, but there are very few acts that had a chance to build a name to the level where a major want to step up and invest further.

Thirdly, the riddim album concept produces uneven products. Imagine the artists role today: the artist is voicing 30 – 40 riddims a year, but how is the artist to know on which riddim to drop his best lyrics and performances on? By guessing, and the result is that on most riddims the performances are very uneven. Every now and then a riddim comes along that everyone realizes is going to be a killer because the producer is known and the riddim is hot (like for example Martial Arts), but that is getting rarer and rarer as the number of riddims increases and the difference between them are getting smaller and smaller.

So let’s hope we see more artist albums and only the sharpest riddims as one riddims the coming year.

Well, done with the long talking for know, ca 2003 brought riddims like dirt so lets take a look at that…:

Starting off with one of the biggest riddimes of 2003, Masterpiece.

Although not up the heights of last years Diwali, Masterpiece was a decent follow up from Lenky. Diwalis strongest point was that the versions where so good. Although Masterpeice has some good version it’s not as solid as Diwali. Not to mention his latest, Dreamweaver which perhaps is a decent riddim, but there are very few good versions.

However, Ele’s Give Her It Good was one of the biggest tunes early 2003, and Bountys Raging Storm is a killer no matter how you look at it. But the riddim itself? Nooo… if you ask me. A softcore Diwali V 2.0 was not what I was hoping for from Lenky.

A few of all the Masterpeice versions:

ELEPHANT MAN - Give Her It Good
SEAN PAUL - Ever Blazing
BEENIE MAN - 10 Out Of 10
BOUNTY KILLER - Raging Storm
WAYNE MARSHALL - Check Yourself
CHICO - So Fly
CRISSY D - Rock Me
BLING DAWG - Stress Free
ZUMJAY - Shake It
ASSASSIN - The Answer
DEGREE - The Mirror
AISHA - Critical
LEXXUS - Anything You Wear
T.O.K. - That Girl
DESPERADO - Have Some Fun
HAWKEYE - Real Good

:-) Selecta

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Comments (latest first):

There is nothing special about this riddim but trust me Elephant man kill it, De man jus a get better and better

Comment by: Date: 2006-10-14

this riddim suck tell you why after diwalli all the producer came up w this
clap clap stuff in there riddim then greesleve help a lot to bury the riddim why in the world they alwayse make thousand of cut on all there riddim album . No one want to hear twenty artists on this riddim .pick 10 artists and thats it .Peace

Comment by: Date: 2006-07-23

This is a perfect masterpiece.

Comment by: N.K Date: 2006-07-14

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AssassinThe AnswerMasterpiece2002Steven 'Lenky' Marsden
Beenie Man10 Out Of 10Masterpiece2002Steven 'Lenky' Marsden
Bling DawgStress FreeMasterpiece2002Steven 'Lenky' Marsden
Bling DawgStress FreeMasterpiece40/40
Bling DawgStress FreeMasterpiece200240/40
Bounty KillerRaging StormMasterpiece2002Steven 'Lenky' Marsden
BuccaneerPrice TagMasterpiece2002Steven 'Lenky' Marsden
ChicoSo FlyMasterpiece2002Steven 'Lenky' Marsden
ChicoSo FlyMasterpiece40/40
Crissy DRock MeMasterpiece2002Steven 'Lenky' Marsden
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DesperadoHave Some FunMasterpiece2002Steven 'Lenky' Marsden
Elephant ManGive Her It GoodMasterpiece2002Steven 'Lenky' Marsden
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Sean PaulEver BlazingMasterpiece200240/40
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ZumjayShake ItMasterpiece2002Steven 'Lenky' Marsden
BeeniemanTen out of tenMasterpiece 2.52002Marsden, L.40 / 40
Bounty KillerRaging stormMasterpiece 2.52002Marsden, L.40 / 40
English, DannyWine baby wineMasterpiece 2.52002Marsden, L.40 / 40
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