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Panty Raid

I just love this one, one of the roughest and toughest riddims of 2003.

Sizzla gave it it’s name, Panty Raid. Sizzla is pure slackness these days, and although he’s received a lot of criticism for it personally I think it may not be that bad, because after all, who can stand more Turban&Robe lyrics from the man? Yet still his delivery is one of the strongest in the business, so he just had to go somewhere lyrically. And we all love to wuk the de pum pum hard, trim or bushy bushy, right? So why complain? He found a new area to cover, and he’s an artist so good it would be a shame if he was never heard in the dance. And perhaps it doesn’t come as a surprise that many of his gal tunes are real good. Panty Raid is one of them, as is I Always Think About Girls on Hindu storm, the magnificent Hard on G-String and many more.

Besides, for those of you who prefer the “traditional” Sizzla he provided you roots talibans with some “real music” (“real” as in “realfuckingboring”) in the form of his Da Real Thing album. Personally I’ve always thought Sizzlas traditional roots&culture efforts have been really overrated, and Bobby Digital productions always puts me to sleep (with the exception of his Garnet material, but the credit for that certainly doesn’t go to Bobby Digital). Now your all upset, right? To ease up a little let me just say, there was at least one killer tune on Da Real Thing: Solid As A Rock over the ever fresh Cuss Cuss riddim. A sound system favourite of 2003, but on the other hand, loads of sounds have dubs of Solid As A Rock, and on ever one of them Sizzla sounds so much better then on the album version.

Many strong cuts on this riddim, even singers like Bushman and Wayne Wonder does nice things on this one. Wayne Wonders Finest Girl is WW at his very very best. Wonderful tune!

I wrote "You’re listening to another strong tune on this riddim, Vybz Kartels Bad Man." Jesse I pointed out that whatever it was it certainly wasn't Vybz. Which kinda impressed me because these DJ:s are really difficult to tell apart sometimes... until I checked the entry and... and it was a Lady Saw sample :) ! Ok, even I should be able to tell Vybz from Lady Saw!

Not sure who produced this, but it sounds to me like something from Jammys, the slow tempo and rolling drums reminds a of the great G-String riddim from last year. No one riddim unfortunately.

Assassin - Test The Strength
Bounty Killer, Roundhead - High Grade Again
Buju Banton - Keep And Care
Bushman - Last Train Awful
Elephant Man - The Lead
Lady Saw - Two Night
Sizzla - Panty Raid
Spragga Benz, Vibez Cartel - Bedroom Slaughteration
Vibez Cartel - Bad Man
Ward 21 - Pum Pum Party
Wayne Marshall - Spy & Informer
Wayne Wonder - Finest Girl

:-) Selecta

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total fat tune

Comment by: Date: 2007-10-18

Want to listen sizzla sounds

Comment by: R.Rhode Date: 2007-09-16


Comment by: Date: 2007-08-27

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