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Hey, someone comes up with something real original! Tabla is the indian drum that give some Bollywood/Bangra feel to this track. Label said Beat Ruut and I was really wondering who this was. Eventually it turned out it was Sly & Shakespeare. Should have known! As always, it’s still Sly, after 20 years, that brings the interesting riddims to the dance. You would think that all those young guys involved in the business of making riddims would be the inventive ones, but over that last 4-5 years it has been that old veterans like Sly and Robbie and Steely and Clevie that has been approaching dancehall with the most originality and freshness.

One riddim on VP, but not all the versions are included for some strange reason. But don’t buy that, go buy yourself a tuff Bangra sampler CD. You won’t regret it. Bangra is real cool music!

:-) Selecta

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Sean Paul - Street Respect
Sizzla - Armed & Dangerous

... that's all I know.

Comment by: Date: 2007-07-08

I thought that the Bounty and Capleton reversions pon dis a riddim wicked.As well as a couple of others. But true Bangra is some cool music.

Comment by: Mr. Brown www.formulareggae.com Date: 2006-07-27

da was aight

Comment by: IandI Date: 2006-05-28

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