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MP3 file:


Mr Bassie

Check the wonderful Mr Bassie version from Jahpapu above called "Master Bassie"! (Shut the loop off on the "Wheelout" button and click the play symbol on the player above.)

"Hi all riddim lovers! That version was created by Jahpapu and his faithful bassie U-Dochkin. Have good vibes and check my versionist.com page!

Oh...and thanks for my friend Selecta ;-) "

Indeed, his Swing Easy for example another great version. You'll find his music here at his Jahpapu's versionist page, or you can drop him an e-email at jahpapu@gmail.com

:-) Selecta 06040

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The loop is another Horace Andy classic. On this version you'll hear not Horace but Barrington Levi's, "The Mellow Canary", characteristic warblings.


:-) Selecta

Riddim origin information:
Artist: Horace Andy
Song: Mr. Bassie
Label: Studio One

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Comments (latest first):

keep playing that song 4 me

Comment by: x4dr Date: 2008-09-10

sharing & spreading the muzik
title:mr. bassie
rhythm:mr. bassie

bless !!!

Comment by: GENARAL IRIE Date: 2008-07-16

which band has done this instrumental

Comment by: Date: 2007-11-26

Big time easy real old school easy skunk.
Anyone send me the instrumental.

Lord Jammie from sound mastas, nairobi kenya.

Comment by: Date: 2007-03-17

spen some time inna new york. si deh

Comment by: lukie3star@yahoo.com Date: 2006-11-05

Old digi hero Courtney Melody riding Bassie for Robert French (I think it was) in NY. My Type Of Girl:

Comment by: Henri Date: 2006-09-27

Teach the youth how to ride the riddim

Comment by: Date: 2006-02-04

This version database contains Pupa Vlados Original Reggae Riddims Dot Com (+34 000 songs) and Robert Camphouse's Camphouse Riddim Index (+4000) songs:

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Admiral TibettBlame It On YourselfMr. Bassie2000Kennedy International
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Brown, DennisSpirit is movingMr. Bassie2000Barnibas
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CapletonRun the placeMr. Bassie2000Kennedy, C.Kennedy Int.
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Frankie PaulKing ChampionMr. BassieGeorge PhangPowerhouse
Garnet SilkPapaMr. BassieMillion
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Garnet SilkThe RodMr. Bassie1992Dixon. B.Digital-B
Garnet SilkThe RodMr. BassieDigital B
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Horace AndyMr. BassieMr. BassieoC S DoddStudio One
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Ini KamozeHill And Gully RideMr. BassieSly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare & Lloyd 'Gitsy' WillisTaxi
Isiah MentorEverythingMr. Bassie1986Withfield HenryWitty
Junior DemusDouble BreastMr. Bassie1986Withfield HenryWitty
Junior Willow WilsonNah Follow DemMr. Bassie
Kamoze, IniHill & gully rideMr. Bassie1988TaxiSounds klik
Little JohnActing So StrangeMr. Bassie1986Withfield HenryWitty
LucianoBlast Of Go A MoonMr. Bassie2000Kennedy International
LucianoBlast off a go a moonMr. Bassie2000Kennedy, C.Kennedy Int.
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Major WorriesCowboy MCMr. BassieFrench, R.Ffrench
Michael PalmerMr. BoosterMr. BassieGeorge PhangPowerhouse
Mighty DiamondsFight Fire With FireMr. Bassie1993Junior Reid
Mikey JarrettMr. ExcitementMr. BassieLloyd BarnesWackies
Minott, SugarJah Jah lead usMr. Bassie1993Burrell, P.Xterminator
Nadine SutherlandSince You've Been GoneMr. BassieBobby 'Digital' DixonDigital B
Nitty GrittyLong Run Short KetchMr. BassieSugar Minott
Nitty GrittyMek Dem ComeMr. Bassie#
Nitty GrittyMek dem comeMr. BassieGoldmine
Nitty GrittyReady Fi DemMr. Bassie1986Withfield HenryWitty
Pablo, AugustusMr. Bassie dubMr. Bassie
Palmer, MichaelFind a jobMr. Bassie2001Bryan, S.Ras barnibas
Paul, FrankieKing championMr. Bassie1988G
Pince, AngelaNo bother no fussMr. Bassie1966Dodd, C.S.Studio one
SizzlaReady ghetto youthMr. BassieBurrell, P.Xterminator
SluggyIf You Can't Do The TimeMr. Bassie1986Withfield HenryWitty
Sluggy RanksMillion man marchMr. Bassie1992Wright, H.Grade one
Sly DunbarMr. BassieMr. Bassie1977/78Lowell Dunbar
Sugar MinottJah Jah Lead UsMr. BassieC S DoddStudio One
Sugar MinottStronger Than BeforeMr. Bassie1986Withfield HenryWitty
WillowNah Fallow DemMr. Bassie1986Withfield HenryWitty
Yami BoloAlmighty OneMr. Bassie2000Kennedy International
Yami BoloAlmighty OneMr. BassieKennedy Int.
Yami BoloWeep NotMr. BassieBobby 'Digital' DixonDigital B
[Dub Scientist]Laser AttackMr. Bassie1981Mickie 'Roots' Scott & Linval Thompson
[Dub]Problems DubMr. Bassie1977Horace Andy & Everton DaSilva
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This version database contains Pupa Vlados Original Reggae Riddims Dot Com (+34 000 songs) and Robert Camphouse's Camphouse Riddim Index (+4000) songs:

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Admiral TibetBlame It On YourselfMr BassieKennedy Intl
Admiral TibettBlame It On YourselfMr BassieKennedy Intl
Anthony BHaeavy Like LeadMr BassieKennedy Intl
Anthony BHeavy Like LeadMr BassieKennedy Intl
Baby WayneSick A Dem TreatmentMr BassieKennedy Intl
Barrington LeviTeach The YouthMr BassieMusic Master
Barrington LevyCome In A DanceMr Bassie
CapletonRun De PlaceMr BassieKennedy Intl
CapletonRun The PlaceMr BassieKennedy Int.
Danny DreadJah JahMr BassieWitty
Frankie PaulKing ChampionMr Bassie
Horace AndyMr BassieMr BassieWitty
Ini KamozeHill & Gully RideMr BassieSounds Klik
Junior DemusDouble BreastMr BassieWitty
Little JohnActing So StrangeMr BassieWitty
LucianoBlast Of Go A MoonMr BassieKennedy Intl
LucianoBlast Off A Go A MoonMr BassieKennedy Int.
LucianoBlast Off Go A MoonMr BassieKennedy Intl
Major WorriesCowboy McMr BassieFfrench
Nitty GrittyReady Fi DemMr BassieWitty
Sammy Dread & Papa TolloMorning Love (12 inch)Mr Bassie
SluggyIf You Can't Do The TimeMr BassieWitty
Sluggy RanksMillion Man MarchMr BassieHigh Grade
Sugar MinottJah Jah Lead UsMr BassieExterminator
TrinityMr. BassieMr Bassie1977Errol Thompson & Joe GibbsJoe Gibbs
Yami BoloAlmighty OneMr BassieKennedy Int.
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