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I put in this riddim claiming that it's a Jammys production, but Jesse I pointed out in RMR that this wasn't the Mexican he had on 45. Turned out I was a bit confused on this one and no wonder....

There is a Jammys riddim called Mexican, featured on a one riddim from VP, but there is also a riddim called Mexican from Pot Of Gold (which means it's a Richie Stephens production I assume). I've listened to both of them and as far as I can tell they are completly different. So I decided to to put the best one in JAMRID, and here it is, it's the Pot Of Gold version, which is far superior then Jammys Mexican, which is an unremarkable riddim.

Nice riddim this, one that is extremly enjoyble to hear this way, as an instrumental.

:-) Selecta

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bounty have two solid tunes,one on each riddim:cannibal(pot of gold version) ballin'(vp version)

Comment by: Date: 2008-09-10


Comment by: Jecky Date: 2006-09-07

I like ur songs on the jamrid thank you vrey much.

Comment by: larry tom Date: 2006-04-24

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SizzlaCome OnMexican [2]2002King JammyJammys
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[Dub]Mexican VersionMexican [2]2002King JammyJammys
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TOKNaah Go So / Zumjay - Bad ManOle Mexican2005No Doubt
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