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MP3 file:


Candle Wax

Bounty killing competitors on Fat Eyes (Collin ‘Bulby’ York and Lynford ‘Fatta’ / Mixing Lab)Candle Wax riddim, tune called Blood Bath. Riddim album on VP. They had a decent riddim called Hot Wax some years ago, so maybe this should be regarded as a follow up.

Speaking of Bounty... he's gotta be one of the most badly managed artists in recent years.The whole business acknowledges him as the most respected DJ in thebusiness, the crowd all over the world love him, he releases wickedtunes in abundance year after year, his lyrics are the sharpest inthe business, he dresses wicked and even his HP is entertaining. But yethe is not picked up by any large record company (not evenVP/Greensleeves his last CD was released by a French company), in facthe haven't even released a CD in years!

A CD release was planned this year, but it seems again it has beenscrapped. Now the site says "DROPPING 2K2!!!"

And who is to blame? It seems Bountys not so professional involvement in the businessside of his career is the key to understanding why nothing works out for him. It's a pity.

His web site is one of the best around, always controversial. Check it (http://www.bountykiller.com/).

Other versions include Elephant Man Pull Up, Major Mackerel with another killer called Fren Enemy, and Sizzla's Gimmi Di Woman Dem have received quite some amount of playing.

:-) Selecta

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Comments (latest first):

BUJO la vota. erck COSTA RICA

Comment by: Date: 2008-04-17

The Warlord rips it up everytime. Love the 'Hot Wax' intro.

Comment by: One Marley Date: 2007-03-21


Comment by: CESARHG27@YAHOO.COM Date: 2006-11-18

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