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Acid Rock

Richie Stephens production. He's been producing for quite some time, scored some big hits but never received the recognition as a producer he deserves. Again a good, but perhaps not remarkable riddim.

The real killer is his own cut longside Bounty, Question. Other popular versions was Degrees Summer Flow and this cut, another great Wayne Wonder tune, Ladies Surround Me. Wayne Wonder is great, but as "Reggae99" put it in rec.music.reggae; "but fiya, him na burn no fire!". True, that's a major drawback indeed:)

Although "Reggae99" was pretty straight to the point (this was about Yami Bolo), it wasn'tappriciated by all. A frequent rmr:er concise reply to this was "Are you retarded?". Funny!:)

:-) Selecta

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Also Check out Gentlemans Leave us alone on acid rock Wicked ting from a German artist living in JA.

Comment by: Date: 2008-11-23

hot riddim

Comment by: Date: 2006-10-06

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