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Big time name checking by the man General B (featuring Patchy who ever that is) on the Joker riddim. And it goes on and on, as this sample may not fully display. Tune named De Business.

The Joker riddim has been featured on a riddim album, VP I think. About 30 versions around, a Patrick Roberts, Shocking Vibes, production

:-) Selecta

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Comment by: ruspetriot Date: 2008-02-14

There should be a insrumental 4 this riddim 4 real.

Comment by: V-Dash Date: 2006-10-06

yea, true say, exact same as Hurricaine, shud have mixed it up more!!

Comment by: Date: 2006-10-03

Cool, Sounds too much like the "Hurricane" though, Shame!!!

Comment by: Date: 2006-10-03

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