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Highway, nuff version on GREL Highway CD.

This is interesting as it is a cut from the once so hot child star Risto Benji (Right Now). Decent tune, but there is a lot of artists the can do this.

And "decent" tune are maybe not Ristos real erea of expertise. Ristos only contribution to classic tunes will remain the late eighties anthem "Passport Buddy (fi de visa punny)" it seems. Slackness from the time that slackness ruled the dance big time and about 80% of all recorded songs dealt with the pump and grind. Anyone remember Gospel Fish's rude classic Bandy Leg released about the same time? Intro: "Now, bandy leg girls, how can you hide from a spiritual man?" and the chorus: "From you see how she walk with the bandy leg, you know you nah fi ask if she wicked inna bed!". He, he, he….And it was cut on the Punnany riddim of course. Or DJ Gregory Pecks one claim to fame "Oversized Mamphie". Bwoy, that was a wicked piece a chune! Or Admiral Baily's original on Punnany, the Admiral going "Gimmi Punnany, want Punnany/Gimmi punnany, any punnany" for a good three minutes. Subtle indeed… but ok, I know the feeling…

And you youngster think little Red Rat and Goofy are slack? HA!! When I was your age we know what slackness was! Bwoy, mek I tell you! These days the DJ's can't even be CALLED slack! Maybe "impolite", or at most "rude", an… a weh you seh…? BWOY!! GUN?! You nah come fe talk bout deh gun ting deh, beca when me was a youth de DJ's dem REALLY know what the gun ting was, seen, and blah, blah, blah…. (Yea, yea… isn't parents always the same…?)

:-) Selecta

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Admiral Bailey - Few Words
Bling Dawg - Tame
Buju Banton - Dis Mi Lady/Dis Mi Baby
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Chuck Fender & Fiona - Money
Danny English - Hang Dem
Elephant Man & Singer J - Quint It
Goofy - Wha Dat Star
Harry Toddler - Light Mi Fire
Hawkeye - Who's That
Kiprich - Police
Lady Saw - Follow Me
Mr. Vegas & Ce'Cile - Get Yuh Tonight
Red Rat & Pyscho Kid - A Lie
Risto Benjie - Right Now
Tony Curtis & Galaxy P - Shorty
Ward 21 - Reverse

Comment by: Highway Date: 2010-12-28

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