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Another riddim featured on Greensleeves one riddim CD's. Apart from Doorslam this is the best one. Really nicely structured, complex and cool string harmonies. But whenever I hear it I start to fiddle with the bass knob… There is something strange with the mix, where is the base? Lightweight despite it's other qualities.

Bounty doing a thing about High Grade. I doesn't fully get the lyrics, but isn't it strange how all these JA DJ's promote higher education? It's highest grade this and highest grade that, and "I got the highest grade" and some even claim they got "a bag full of high grades" (that must be pictorially speaking of course). You would think street knowledge would be regarded as more valuable then Oxford and Cambridge degrees by these guys, but that is apparently not the case. But of course, they rate Benz and Bimmas higher than Ladas, so maybe it does make sense. But the chat about bushweed I don't get. Maybe some kind of agricultural term that I don't understand? It's not in my dictionary for sure. Hmmm…

:-) Selecta

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This riddim is a killer ....listene to the
intro...the string manipulation and the
complex combination of light drums and the
different tones of the strings...The
reggae producers are genius shocks me most
of them iddnt even go to music or art
school...these dudes are
awesome!....However a lot of people didnt
do justice ot this riddim apart from Ward
21 and Elephant feat Wayne Marshall

Comment by: mantawa Date: 2010-02-09

Hi Selector, I believe when they say
Higher grade they are refferring to the
Weed. Higher Grade is the marijuana that
gets someon very high and lower grade is
the one that is not so desirable. thats
what bounty is reffering to in his

Comment by: Mantawa Date: 2010-02-09


Comment by: Date: 2008-11-03


Comment by: AGP MOVEMENTZ Date: 2008-03-12

Hi,Selecta Great Riddim

Comment by: Date: 2008-02-28

yea-high grade is the quality of the weed- its sorta like saying good quality weed, not no bush weed, bush weed being some cheap-ass no-good weed

Comment by: peace Date: 2007-01-15

Hi Selecta. High Grade is a reference to marijuana.

Comment by: -Joshua B Date: 2006-12-11

yes maddat mi like dis big tune.

Comment by: johnwyppa@cityheat.zzn.com Date: 2006-09-28

the song that uses the lightning riddim very well is da song from Ward 21- Don't pUsh it. I think it's the best one put together it's a great combination

Comment by: C.M4lyfe Date: 2006-05-21

dis riddim is massive. me like it

Comment by: dirtytemple@hotmail.co.uk Date: 2006-04-11

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Ward 21Don't Push ItLightning2000Jeremy Harding2 Hard
Ward 21Don't Push ItLightning2 Hard
Ward 21 / PacemakersDon't Push It / Bad ManLightningGreensleeves / 2 Hard
Wayne Marshall & Elephant ManHot GirlsLightning2 Hard
ZumjayHot GalLightning2000Jeremy Harding2 Hard
ZumjayHot GalLightning2 Hard
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