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Pure murderation! Wicked, wicked riddim and Sizzla makes another killer performance. One of the best riddims of 2001. Really not much to say about this, turn it up!

Riddim album anyone?

:-) Selecta

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Admiral Bailey - Nu Dash Wey You Pickney
Alozade - More Woman
Beenie Man - Straight Prison
Bling Dawg - Say My Name
Bushman - Call Me
Chuck Fender - Right Time Come
Cobra - Grudge
Cutty Ranks - Vengeance
Danny English - One Two
Frisco Kid - One & One
Gabriel - Silent River
General Degree - Shake It (Break It)
General Degree - Full Soldiers
Lady Saw - I Gotta A Man
Mr. Vegas - Some Bwoy
Sean Paul - Temptation
Sizzla - To The Point/Get To The Point
Spragga Benz - Gunz Up
Ward 21 & Elephant Man - Anything A Anything
Xsytment Gang - We Nuh Give A...
Zumjay & Wayne Marshall - 101 Ways To Kill Satan

Comment by: Tixx Date: 2010-12-28


Comment by: mantawaz Date: 2010-10-21

Fire! Need the Promo CD for this riddim. Anybody know where I can find a download torrent or whatever?

Comment by: -DJ Bubblicious "Your #1 DJ Lady" Date: 2010-02-22

big tune!!!!
i'm looking for the instrumental version
anyone could help me
thanks a lot

Comment by: 2massive Date: 2007-04-11

Heres the tune, Get To The Point:

Comment by: yadda Date: 2006-12-19

Da Sizzla, wow talk about classic tune

Comment by: yadda Date: 2006-12-19

riddim is crazy... long time I'm looking a site like this to find music.... Bless Up

Comment by: Black Rocket Date: 2006-03-03

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Admiral BaileyNu Dash Wey Yuh PickneyTixx2000Christopher JamesC J Records
Admiral BaileyNuh Dash Way Yu PickneyTixxCj
Admiral BaileyNuh Dash Wey No PickneyTixxCj Records
AlozadeMore WomanTixx2000Christopher JamesC J Records
AlozadeMore WomanTixxCj
Beenie ManStaight PrisonTixxCj Rec.
Beenie ManStraight PrisonTixx2000Christopher JamesC J Records
Beenie ManStraight PrisonTixxCj
Bling DawgSay My NameTixx2000Christopher JamesC J Records
Bling DawgSay My NameTixxCj
Bling Dawg A K A Ricky RudySay My NameTixxCj Records
BushmanCall MeTixx2000Christopher JamesC J Records
BushmanCall MeTixxCj
BushmanCall MeTixxCJ
Chuck FenderRight Time ComeTixx2000Christopher JamesC J Records
Chuck FenderRight Time ComeTixxCj
CobraGrudgeTixx2000Christopher JamesC J Records
CobraGrudgeTixxCj Records
Cutty RanksVengeanceTixx2000King Jammy
Cutty RanksVengeanceTixxArtistes Only
Danny EnglishOne TwoTixx2000Christopher JamesC J Records
Danny EnglishOne TwoTixxCj Records
Danny EnglishOne, TwoTixxCj
Frisco KidOne And OneTixx2000Christopher JamesC J Records
Frisco KidOne And OneTixxCj Records
Frsico KidOne & OneTixxCj
GabrielSilent RiverTixx2000Christopher JamesC J Records
GabrielSilent RiverTixxCj
Lady SawI Got A ManTixx2000Christopher JamesC J Records
Lady SawI Got A ManTixxCj
Mad CobraGrudgeTixxCj
Mr VegasSome BoyTixx2000Christopher JamesC J Records
Mr VegasSome BoyTixxCj Records
SizzlaGet to the pointTixx2000CJ
SizzlaTo The PiontTixxCj Records
SizzlaTo The PointTixxCj
SizzlaTo The Point (=Get To The Point)Tixx2000Christopher JamesC J Records
Spragga BenzGunz UpTixx2000Christopher JamesC J Records
Spragga BenzGunz UpTixxCj
Sumjay & Wayne Marshall101 Ways To Kill SatanTixx2000Christopher JamesC J Records
Ward 21For Da LadiesTixx2000Christopher JamesC J Records
Ward 21For Da LadiesTixxCj
Ward 21 & Elephant ManAnything A AnythingTixx2000Christopher JamesC J Records
Ward 21 & Elephant ManAnything A AnythingTixxCj
XsytementGang Wu Nuh Give A FuckTixx2000Christopher JamesC J Records
Xsytment GangWi Nuh Give A FTixxCj
Zumjay & W Marshall101 Ways To Kill SatanTixxCj
Zumjay & Wayne Marshall101 Ways To Kill SatanTixxCj Records
[Dub][Tixx Instrumental]Tixx2000Christopher JamesC J Records
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