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Lexxus doing a ting called You on Scareface from Shocking Vibes. Nuff versios and a riddims CD from VPcalled Scarface.

:-) Selecta

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Beenie Man - Be Quiet
Bling Dawg - Bling Dawg
Captain Barkey & Mega Banton - Hot Gal Race
Chad Dilleger - Tragedy Bitch
Cobra - Unexpected
D'Ray - No Problem
Daddy Screw - Don Daddies
Delly Ranks - Hey You
Elephant Man - Replacement Killer
General B - How We Roll
Goofy - Boops
Harry Toddler - Dance The Angel
Hawkeye - Wave Uno Hand
Kiprich - Imagine This
Lady Saw - New Checkie Book
Lexxus - You
Madd Anju - Shorts
Mr. Black - Mek Some Noise
Mr. Easy - Easy Talk
Mr. Vegas - Original Blend
Red Rat & Brat Camp - Me To
Roundhead - Don't Test Me
Sean Paul - My Name
Spragga Benz - Nobody Moves
T.O.K. - Kitty
Tanya Stephens - Look At You
Ward 21 - Anti Spy
Warrior Boyz - It's Like That

Comment by: Scarface Date: 2010-08-05

theres an instrumental on the other side of beenie man's - be quiet single

Comment by: Date: 2008-08-13

Dance di Angel

Comment by: Date: 2007-05-08

There should be an instrumental 4 this riddim 4 real.

Comment by: V-Dash Date: 2006-10-06

I've made crowds move to this for years, women dem pon di bar and chair.

Comment by: formulasystemsound@gmail.com Date: 2006-05-03

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Beene ManBe QuietScarfaceShocking Vibes
Beenie ManBe QuietScarface2000Patrick RobertsShocking Vibes
Beenie ManBe QuietScarfaceShocking Vibes
BeeniemanBe quietScarface2000Roberts, P.Shocking vibes
Bling DawgBling DawgScarface2000Patrick RobertsShocking Vibes
Captain Barkey & Mega BantonHot Gal RaceScarface2000Patrick RobertsShocking Vibes
Captain Barkey & Mega BantonHot Gal RaceScarfaceShocking Vibes
CobraUnexpectedScarface2000Patrick RobertsRude Boy
CobraUnexpectedScarfaceShocking Vibes
CobraUnexpectedScarface2000Shocking vibes
Daddy ScrewDon DaddiesScarface2000Patrick RobertsShocking Vibes
Daddy ScrewDon DaddiesScarfaceShocking Vibes
Danny EnglishThugsScarface2000Patrick RobertsRude Boy
Danny EnglishThugsScarfaceRude Boy
Delly RanksHey YouScarface2000Patrick RobertsShocking Vibes
Delly RanksHey YouScarfaceShocking Vibes
DevonteNo WorryScarface2000Patrick RobertsShocking Vibes
DevonteNo WorryScarfaceShocking Vibes
Elephant ManReplacement KillerScarface2000Patrick RobertsShocking Vibes
Elephant ManReplacement KillerScarfaceShocking Vibes
Future TroublesMe See ItScarfaceShocking Vibes
Future TroublesMi See ItScarface2000Patrick RobertsShocking Vibes
General BHow We RollScarface2000Patrick RobertsRude Boy
General BHow We RollScarfaceRude Boy
GoofyBoopsScarface2000Patrick RobertsShocking Vibes
GoofyBoopsScarfaceShocking Vibes
Harry ToddlerDance The AngelScarfaceShocking Vibes
Harry ToddlerDance The Angel (=Angel Dance)Scarface2000Patrick RobertsShocking Vibes
HawkeyeWave Onu HandScarface2000Patrick RobertsShocking Vibes
HawkeyeWave Oonuh HandScarfaceShocking Vibes
HawkeyeWave Uno HandScarfaceShocking Vibes
KiprichImagine ThisScarface2000Patrick RobertsShocking Vibes
KiprichImagine ThisScarfaceShocking Vibes
Kirk DavisDem A CryScarfaceShocking Vibes
Lady SawNew Checkie BookScarface2000Patrick RobertsShocking Vibes
Lady SawNew Checkie BookScarfaceShocking Vibes
Lady SawNu Checkie BookScarfaceShocking Vibes
LexxusYouScarface2000Patrick RobertsShocking Vibes
LexxusYouScarfaceShocking Vibes
Little KirkDem A CryScarface2000Patrick RobertsShocking Vibes
Madd AnjuShortsScarface2000Patrick RobertsShocking Vibes
Madd AnjuShortsScarfaceShocking Vibes
Mega BantonPosition And SkillScarfaceRude Boy
Mega Banton & T O KScarfaceScarface2000Patrick RobertsShocking Vibes
Mr Lex A K A LexxusYouScarfaceShocking Vibes
Mr VegasOriginal TrendScarface2000Patrick RobertsShocking Vibes
PatchySay NoScarfaceShocking Vibes
Paul, SeanCall my nameScarface1999S&CDutty
Paul, SeanNext generationScarface
PowermanDing DongScarface2000Patrick RobertsRude Boy
PowermanDing DongScarfaceRude Boy
Prince GregThe WayScarface2000Patrick RobertsShocking Vibes
Red Rat & Brat CampMe ToScarface2000Patrick RobertsShocking Vibes
Red Rat & Brat CampMe ToScarfaceShocking Vibes
RoundheadDon't Test MeScarface2000Patrick RobertsShocking Vibes
RoundheadDon't Test WeScarfaceShocking Vibes
Sean PaulCall My NameScarface2000Patrick RobertsShocking Vibes
Sean PaulMy NameScarfaceShocking Vibes
Shad DuTurn And TwistScarface2000Patrick RobertsShocking Vibes
Silver CatNo DisrespectScarface2000Patrick RobertsShocking Vibes
Silver CatNo DisrespectScarfaceShocking Vibes
Snagga PussTun Back FireScarface2000Patrick RobertsShocking Vibes
Snagga PussTun Back FireScarfaceShocking Vibes
T O KKittyScarface2000Patrick RobertsShocking Vibes
T O KKittyScarfaceShocking Vibes
T O K & Mega BantonScafaceScarfaceShocking Vibes
Tanto MetroBun A FireScarface2000Patrick RobertsShocking Vibes
Tanto MetroBun A FireScarfaceShocking Vibes
Toddler, HarryDance the angelScarface1991S&CShocking vibes
UsherI need a girlScarface2002Bootleg
VegasOriginal TrendScarfaceShocking Vibes
Ward 21Anti SpyScarface2000Patrick RobertsShocking Vibes
Ward 21Anti SpyScarfaceShocking Vibes
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