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Mo Music production, riddims CD to be found on VP if you wnat all the versions.

This cut is Lexxus War start. Lexxus seems to be the flavour of the moment although I must admit his styleis a bit to hip hop influenced for my taste. Check the new Lexxus CD, Mr Lex. It's riddims galore (to me the whole CD is more about riddims the Lex). It's not one calssic riddim recycled, just this and last years origianals and it's seriously inventive! Again, may be a bit hip hop/RnB oriented, but...Check this on Lex and his CD and and other great redaing on reagge and hip hop: http://www.sfbg.com/AandE/GotItBad/45.html. Not very often do you read anything clever and well written on reggae, especially not contemporary non-roots reggae, so don't miss it.

Anyway, while on the subject of riddims, I definatley think it is seriously incorrect to say that no new riddims are created these days. Those claiming that are generally roots oriented people and for 99% of the roots productions that is true. But if you listening to roots, aren't the trusted and proven just what you want? If you on the other hand are looking for new fresh music from JA you just cant claim that what is released today is "same old things over and over". Apart from a few odd numbers from Capleton and Sizzla you won't find much old riddims on, say, the English reggae charts. Maybe more in the US, but I would think marginally.

Wehn it comes to roots productiosn, I'm a roots fan myself and I don't have a problem with versioning, but what really annoys me is that the original riddims that are built are so extremly traditional that it could have been versions, if you know what I mean. Check for example the riddims from Morgan Heritage on their HMG label. Originals, yes, but so extremly traditional that they put you to sleep right away. It must be possible to do good roots better thatn what is done now. My theory is that the produers that do roots doesn't ask for the original and that's the reason musicions like Sly for example very seldom produce original sounding roots tunes.

Other versions to check out is Capletons Hunt You (included on his Hotter Fire CD) and Elephant Man Show Mi Dem.

:-) Selecta

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Alozade & Chico & Kiprich - Bad Man Nah Pet Gal
Beenie Man - Your Bad Luck
Bounty Killer - Bling Bling
Capleton - Hunt You
Christopher - All I Have
Cobra - Run Come Defend It
Dead Luke - Oh Really
Delly Ranks - Wuk Round Dem
Evette - Baby, Baby
Elephant Man - Show Me Dem
Frankie Sly - See Wi
Harry Toddler - Get Defeat
Hawkeye - S.E.X.
Lexxus - War Start
Lady G - Right Back At Ya
Mr. Vegas - Beng Beng
Myles - This I Promise
Nina - Hard Time
Sean Paul - Big Chat
Splints - Glide Pon It
Trick Roy - Press It Down
T.O.K. - Something New
Wayne Wonder - Whatever

Comment by: Hurricane Date: 2010-08-05

There should be an instrumental 4 this riddim 4 real.

Comment by: V-Dash Date: 2006-10-06

Yea Man, Nice but sounds the same as the "joker" riddim must be same producers!!

Comment by: Date: 2006-10-03

One of my Favoutite Riddims. Love the TOK and Capleton versions!!

Comment by: Date: 2006-10-03

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AlozadeNuh Pet GalHurricaneMo Music
Alozade & Chico & KiprichBad Man Nuh Get GalHurricaneMo Music
Alozade & Chico & KiprichBad Man Nuh Pet GalHurricane2000Louis 'Flabba' MalcolmMo' Music
Alozade & Chico & KiprichNo Pet GalHurricaneMo Music
Alozade & Chico & KiprichNuh Pet GalHurricaneMo Music
Beenie ManYour Bad LuckHurricane2000Louis 'Flabba' MalcolmMo' Music
Beenie ManYour Bad LuckHurricaneMo Music
Bobby ChristalReach The MoonHurricaneInsomnia
Bobby CrystalReach The MoonHurricane1999Insomnia
CapletonHunt YouHurricane2000Louis 'Flabba' MalcolmMo' Music
CapletonHunt YouHurricaneMo Music
Captain BarkeyHol' Up Yuh HandHurricaneInsomnia
ChicoBreed HerHurricane2000Louis 'Flabba' MalcolmMo' Music
ChristopherAll I HaveHurricane2000Louis 'Flabba' MalcolmMo' Music
ChristopherAll I HaveHurricaneMo Music
CobraRun Come Defend ItHurricane2000Louis 'Flabba' MalcolmMo' Music
CobraRun Come Defend ItHurricaneMo Music
Delly RanksWork Round DemHurricane2000Louis 'Flabba' MalcolmMo' Music
Delly RanksWork Round DemHurricaneMo Music
Elephant ManShow Me DemHurricaneMo Music
Elephant ManShow Mi DemHurricane2000Louis 'Flabba' MalcolmMo' Music
Elephant ManShow Mi DemHurricaneMo Music
Frankie SlySee WeHurricane2000Louis 'Flabba' MalcolmMo' Music
Frankie SlySee WeHurricaneMo Music
GhostWant You BackHurricaneInsomnia
Harry ToddlerGet DefeatHurricane2000Louis 'Flabba' MalcolmMo' Music
Harry ToddlerGet DefeatHurricaneMo Music
Harry ToddlerSorryHurricane1999Insomnia
HawkeyeS.E.X.Hurricane2000Louis 'Flabba' MalcolmMo' Music
HawkeyeSexHurricaneMo Music
KiprichDefenderHurricane2000Louis 'Flabba' MalcolmMo' Music
KiprichDefenderHurricaneMo Music
LexxusWar StartHurricane2000Louis 'Flabba' MalcolmMo' Music
LexxusWar StartHurricaneMo Music
Mr ChickenDem Nuh Mek ItHurricane2000Louis 'Flabba' MalcolmMo' Music
Mr ChickenThem Nuh Mek ItHurricaneMo Music
Mr VegasBeng BengHurricane2000Louis 'Flabba' MalcolmMo' Music
Mr VegasBeng BengHurricaneMo Music
Natty ChrisLove See The GirlsHurricaneInsomnia
Sean PaulBig ChatHurricane2000Louis 'Flabba' MalcolmMo' Music
Sean PaulBig ChatHurricaneMo Music
Sean PaulChatHurricaneMo Music
Silver CatNaked GirlHurricaneInsomnia
SplintGlide Pon ItHurricaneMo Music
SplintsGlide Pon ItHurricane2000Louis 'Flabba' MalcolmMo' Music
SplintsGlide Pon ItHurricaneMo Music
Spragga BenzSeed A GalHurricaneInsomnia
T O KSomething NewHurricane2000Louis 'Flabba' MalcolmMo' Music
Tanya Stephens & Lady SawBuck Dem UpHurricaneInsomnia
TokSomething NewHurricaneMo Music
VegasBeng BengHurricaneMo Music
ZenoGoing DownHurricane1999Insomnia
ZenoGoing DownHurricaneInsomnia
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