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Zebra scored one of his biggest on this one, Proud 2 Be Hot. Dunno, but I prefer the original, Tiger, better. But Zebra comes as, if not a original, so at least as the original copyist from way back when. He cut a album for Jazzbo in the eighties when Tiger was the main name on the scene. The album, We You Run Fah (do I remember this correctly?), never did well and he never had any hit's to mention either. So the most unlikely thing you would expect at the time (maybe apart from Capleton vocing non pussy tunes) would be that the LP would be repressed and sell thousands.. But that was exactly what happened. When Zebra suddenly got a few unexpected hits in the end of last year, someone with very good memory at RAS recalled that there protégé at the time, Jazzbo, had released a LP with Zebra. Don't know if they already had licensed it in the eighties (in that case Jazzbo probably made a very bad deal) or if they sent somebody down to JA to track Jazzbo down (in that case I certainly hope he got a better deal) and license it. The LP got rereleased in the beginning of this year, marketed as Zebras debut album. And that was of course very, very true.

Zebra is by then way the son of Dennis Walks, how cut the original version of the Drifter riddim. Dennis Walks also cut a few tunes for Jazzbo at the time Zebra cut his album, among them a new version of Drifter.

:-) Selecta

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Comments (latest first):

real party stopper by zebra

Comment by: tod Date: 2006-05-17

True man, mi remember di Zebra tune was big in Zimbabwe, good tymes!

Comment by: zimbo_baby Date: 2006-05-13

Big riddim dis!!!

Comment by: Date: 2006-05-13

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