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This is Magnet from Bounty Killer. Now take some time out feh slam yu gal, bwoy, ca Bounty cyaan always strike out gainst the evil forces of Babylon now, right! Nuff nuff gyal a go ave it too, seen?

Everything the mighty BK cuts aren't as immortal as Cyaan Believe Look and Everytime. Some of his tunes are more human, standard DJ fair. Magnet on Quicksand is of a great tune with common measures, but from BK we are used to masterpieces. If you ask your likkle Selekta I'd say without a doubt he's the DJ of the century. Sorry Beenie. Beenie has without a doubt had more hits and higher lowest level, but nothing can compete with Bountys best. Mama, Cyaan Believe, Everytime, Look, Fed Up. Even his girlie tunes are murderous, just check Benz & Bimma, Cellular Number and Stucky. Why didn't Bounty have a Street Sweeper cut BTW? That would have been a killer.

Nuff other version on the riddim but no real killer. No Beenie or Capleton AFAIK.

:-) Selecta

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Comments (latest first):

not one of my favs... way tooo POP if u ask me!!!...

Comment by: DELGADO MOB. Date: 2008-01-16

after this, is the era where dancehall dies

Comment by: birth Date: 2007-09-08

100% dancehall dis!!

row baby, row!

am i stuck inna di past cuz i waan more of dis?

Comment by: di pfalz Date: 2006-08-06


Comment by: Date: 2006-02-16

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