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MP3 file:


Ki Ki

This cut is from Tony Curtis. He has been around for quite a while scoring the biggest success a few years back as a spar to Jigsy King, who at the time was the flavour of the moment. Lately he's been more and more in demand and has now established himself as a top rank artist. Every now and the he pirates the style of Wayne Wonder and Devonte (the number one WW clone) and always comes down with top performances. This is his cut Ki Ki, and it clearly demonstrates the point. Usually his style is a lot more easy going, but this also results in top tunes every now and then. One of my absolute favourites tunes of late is his 25 Ladies on Cherry Oh Baby. "5, 10, 15, 20, 25 ladies/bawling/ crying out loud/Toonyyyyy…". Man, that's pure poetry!

Btw, Wayne Wonder got a great cut on Ki Ki, Blazing. Check it.

:-) Selecta of WW fanclub - Oct/99

:-) Selecta

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Alozade - My Girl
Baby Cham - Desperate Measures
Bling Dawg - Last Night
Bounty Killer - Reggae Starz
Capleton - Warning
CL Smooth & Lexxus & Xstik - Kiki
Delly Ranks - Head A Di House
Devonte & Tanto Metro - That Thimg
General Degree - Gwaan Good
Harry Toddler - Just Like You
Hawkeye - Which Fassy
Jack-A-Diamond - All Hooked Up
Merciless - Let Dem Have It
Merciless - Petty Chief
Mr. Vegas - Double Blank
Sean Paul - Disrespect
Spragga Benz & Twice - Magnum
T.O.K. - Lock Down
Tony Curtis - Bad Mind
Wayne Wonder & Suprise - Blazing
Ward 21 - Here I Go

Comment by: Ki Ki Date: 2010-10-27

Baby Cham - Desperate Measures
Beenie Man - Fools
Bounty Killer - Reggae Starz
Delly Ranks - Head A Di House
Devonte & Tanto Metro - That Thing
General Degree - Gwaan Good
Hawkeye - Which Fassy
Isan - Tesing 1,2,3
Merciless - Petty Chief
Mr. Easy - I Can't Go For That
Mr. Vegas - Double Blank
Spragga Benz & Twice - Magnum
T.O.K. - Lock Down
Terror Fabulous - Damn It
Wayne Wonder - Blazing
Ward 21 - Were Nightmares
Weezy - Nobody Gets Hurt

Comment by: Ki Ki Date: 2010-08-05

This riddim a FIYAHHHHHHH!!!! Mi love it

Comment by: Mila Allen Date: 2007-06-16

There should be an instrumental 4 this riddim 4 real.

Comment by: V-Dash Date: 2006-10-06

really feel buju pon this riddim

Comment by: lodza Date: 2006-02-16

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