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MP3 file:


High Grade

Sly and Robbie built the riddim, one of the most hardcore of the year. A twin riddim CD already released, called High Grade, and if you like the riddim you'll surely enjoy it's companion on the CD, called WWW.COM (WWW.COM is the number one Street Sweeper clone BTW, so if you, like me, are a Street Sweeper fan I'm sure you'll like it). Nuff tuff versions on High Grade from name brand performers strictly, Merciless (2 cuts), Beenie (Forget You), General B (My Name) Roundhead, Barkey, Future Trouble etc.

The main number on the riddim is however this absolute killer performance from the man we dem call the Prophet. A big hit too. He is clearly on the roll now with tune after tune and hit after hit. In Or Out (on Coochie), Cowboy Town (on Liberation), Final Assassin (Street Sweeper), Big Animosity (Big Animosity), Mr Mass Media (Buss Up Barriers), etc, etc!!!!

He's currently going as he's the number one threat to the western world and civilisation as we know it, and he certainly seems angry enough. But the biggest reaction yet hasn't been received from the representatives of Babylon system, but from the reggae world. The lines "Never send dem guh mix up with RuPaul / Never send dem guh work fi John Pope Paul /Never tell dem fi male with Frankie Paul " (Pare Sadom/Fat Eyes) (Thanks Coolrunner! Check his site http://ondababylon.iscool.net) and similar got a lot of people upset. Just a because a man has a name that is similar sodomites and Babylonians doesn't mean it makes good sense to mention him in the same context.

And if this wasn't enough he's in some kind of dispute with Beenie over who's the number one in Jah sight or supm similar stupidness. Now if it where someone else than Capleton… remember he's the man that gave us tunes like Bumbo Red and Good Hole. You would expect some regrets, or at least humbleness, from a man with such well documented past as a… well… hard to find a appropriate word. "Who gimme the authority to bun the wicked man?" (Who I Am/Henfield). Well, frankly my friend… beats me...

But, It's great show biz, and that's what we all want and are paying for, right?.

:-) Selecta

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god riddim san jose C.R bless

Comment by: Date: 2009-02-12

hhmmm... trailing sound sounds like a NORE beat!!!... WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAATTT!!!...




Comment by: DELGADO MOB. Date: 2008-01-16

Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! kzyvchovngujqe

Comment by: acvqebytyt Date: 2007-08-29

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