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The Bug

Love the posting from "Scabby2000" in the JAMRID guest book: "get da bug riddim on dis puppy! "Ok, point taken. I've been a little slow updating lately, but at last here it is along with a number of other ragga riddims.

Interesting riddim in lot of ways.

Those complaining that the Jamaican riddims sound more and similar to US hip hop and R&B will really get upset when they hear this. This slow shuffler that don't have much in common with anything previously have heard fromJA, but as indicated, in line with how the dancehall business has evolved lately. Jamaican music has a tradition of producing music that sounds like nothing before, always pushing forward. What really get some complaining is that now it's sounding like something else, previously JA music has always been completely unique. Sometimes clearly inspired by other types of music, but nuff originality injected to make it clearly unique. All of us who love Jamaican music can't help feeling a little uncomfortable. Is this the end of the JA music, will the music coming out of JA from now on be a subgenre of US hip hop?

Another intriguing thing is how this riddim has been "marketed", if that is the appropriate word. Rumours about it have been a round for a while and sounds have had the riddim for a long time, it has even been on the net for quite a while before it was released. And when it was released it didn't com on 7":s but on CD. And with all this hype, and everybody talking about the riddim, when it finally was released on vinyl 7"s it felt like it wasn't the latest thing anymore! Don't know if this building of expectations was planned, or if it just was that pressing CD:s is a business not up to the regular Jamican speed when it comes to putting music on the market. Anyway, when working in a business like this it's obvious that time to market" is a key factor, or you'll be selling yesterdays products. And selling yesterdays products in the dancehall business…dead stock is the word….

But of course the riddim is to strong to ignore, and mainly this is down to Bountys absolutely murderous cut "Look". As far as I've understood the lyrics was carefully written so that the tune wouldn't be banned in jamacian radio. But when the authorities saw Bounty's name on the label they banned it as they are used to. Read somewhere that Dave Kelly wrote the lyrics by the way, it seems that's the way he do when releasing Bounty. Anyway, someone told me the ban was lifted, but I've never got it confirmed. Check the excellent lyrics at http://dancehallreggae.com/lyrics/look.html

BTW, do you know what we call this riddim in the computer business? Debug! Har, har, har, ho, ho (stop it you freak!).

:-) Selecta

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Dis woman (Mila) is in paid not played. lol

Comment by: Mila A Date: 2008-12-20

Hi webmaster!

Comment by: Date: 2008-09-26


Comment by: Genri Date: 2008-03-24


Comment by: Sandra Date: 2008-03-24


Comment by: Herbert Date: 2008-03-20


Comment by: Fedor Date: 2008-03-16


Comment by: Feliks Date: 2008-03-15




thanks for the trak... keept them comming comming...

Comment by: DELGADO MOB. Date: 2008-01-16

Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! eywgcngomtynb

Comment by: niewzzikgd Date: 2007-06-21

Dis riddim ya sell off!!! wayne wonder cut 'keep them coming' just ill... But it sound kinda like da surprise... (if u listen real close...) and btw who produced dis riddim?

Comment by: Date: 2007-01-18

Another level by baby cham and bounty - mad tune - well nowadays tings between bounty and cham are not the same of course

bounty call de man lady cham

but gringo say "if di man ah lady den u ah him man"


Comment by: Date: 2007-01-15

Because of tune like this Beanie must chill , any given time warlord could pull one like this (bullet bullet)

Comment by: Date: 2006-12-30

We cannot get another one like this in a thousand years.

Comment by: N.K Date: 2006-07-14

Strange not many riddims sound like these these days

Comment by: yaddalong Date: 2006-05-30

sick riddim

Comment by: Date: 2006-05-05

i love this riddim right here u got to have a bumping azz system to really feel this one. evan know it's old azz hell pump this for the summer of 06 when heading to the club women will move that butt...

Comment by: rakim70000@aol.com Date: 2006-01-27

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