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Pig Tail

My dear e-friend Miss Ruty told me about on of her fav riddims of late. As I hadn't heard it she sent me a sample. I was very happy when she agreed to write something about it. So in her words…:

This riddim is a bit special... It does not sound like the other you can find on JAMRID. Well, if it's here it's because of me... But all the people I know who heard of it enjoyed it... I guess it will be the same for everyone who loves Dancehall and Soca music.

The first time I heard of Pig Tail it was this summer (1999) when I was in Martinique (French West Indies). I turned the radio on while I was getting ready for a party and heard it during the "Sun FM Friday Night". I found it sounded good. Then I heard it again at the party and realised that it was really good ! I asked some pals around : "But... hey ! What's that sound ?" They answered : "You've been living away too long honey, that's the Pig Tail !"

Then I could get the record from my cousin and analyse it a bit further... Being a Dancehall/Ragga and Soca/Calypso freak, I just couldn't help "wining" on that riddim that melts of those music kinds... Maybe that's the Trinidadian touch and if that's so, I love it. I had never heard of any of the artists that performed on the riddim album called "Pig Tail Riddem" (VP records), neither of the guy who made it : Chinese Laundry... And even if the lyrics are not really deep philosophical reflexions (not to say weak sometimes... but who cares ?) all the tunes make me move for sure... "I like what the soca doing to me...", "Bruk out your waist and wine..." etc.... I just can't say no to such a message... Another thing that pleased me on the record was the 10 minutes mix including all the tunes of the record. Very well done (they should have told Richie Stephens how to make his Sailaway Jam...) and a pretty good idea since it helped some DJs to have a 10 minutes rest in almost all the parties I went to this summer...

Miss Ruty – August 99

( Isn't she charming? Wouldn't you just do anything to se dear Miss Ruty "wine" to this?)

:-) Selecta

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who created this riddim

Comment by: Date: 2008-05-04

Square One and Allison Hinds - Ready

Comment by: Date: 2007-09-30

yet another one to wake the neighbors..."Queen of the pack!" I got this one somewhere on tape....

Comment by: Daylightsavings Date: 2006-04-02

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