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Bada Bada

No one can exploit a riddim like King Jammy. Although his riddims are gettingweeker and weeker no one can squeez every cent possible out of a riddim likehe can. I was not very impressed when I first heard Bada Bada, but now I am.Makeing a dead horse seem so alive is impressing!

This riddim is subject to 20 - 30 versions, released as 7"s one four differenet labels and collected on two riddim albums, one from Jammys and one from Shocking Vibes. Obviously in some morbid way the number 1 riddim for -99 so far, even though musically its nothing exceptional.So I guess I just have to accept that I'm wrong.

Bada Bada is a killer...(oh, that hurt!)

The bulk of the performances are not much to celebrate IMHO, but of course there are a few nuggets when there are so many versions released. Ward 21Crews Haters, making the most noice and the initial impact, is great.

I won't go throught the name brand artists that have cuts on it (it would be faster to mention those who hasn't), it's just suffice to say that if youhave a favorite artist he/she has cut something on Bada Bada. Let's put it thisway: Black Uhuru have a cut on it...get it?

Selecta/June -99

:-) Selecta

Riddim origin information:
Artist: Ward 21
Song: Bada Bada
Year: 1999
Label: Jammys

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Alley Cat - Go Weh
Beenie Man - Me Nuh Walla Walla
Bounty Killer - Pyschomed
Bushman & I Lue - Send Dem Come
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Cobra - Knock Yourselves Out
Delly Ranks - Point We Out
Elephant Man - Done Dem
Frisco Kid - Delightful
Future Troubles - Gimme Some Love
General Degree - That's Whats Up
Harry Toddler - A Fassy Dem
Lexxus - Get Wid It
Mr. Vegas - Di Position
Sean Paul - Faded
Ward 21 - What Ya Wanna Do
Zebra - Selassie Warning
Zumzay - High Damages

Comment by: Bada Bada Date: 2010-08-09


Comment by: Date: 2008-07-29

Youh mean harry toddler "Ah fassy dem"

Comment by: Date: 2008-04-10

Big up riddim!

I think there is a tune by SCARE DEM CREW on this riddim...its big!

Comment by: Real McCoy Date: 2007-01-23

hard to choose the best chune but for starters silver cat are mush up the riddim

Comment by: tod Date: 2006-05-17

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Alley CatSkin MeltBadda Badda
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Beenie ManI Don't Wanna LoseBadda Badda
Beenie ManMe Nuh Walla WallaBadda Badda1999Ward 21Jammys
Beenie ManNaah Watch Nutt'nBadda Badda
Black UhuruFive Star GeneralBadda Badda1999King JammyJammys
Blacka RankingPay Man Fi Wuk DemBadda Badda1999King JammyJammys
Boom Dandimite & Ward 21Drop TopBadda Badda1999King JammyJammys
Bounty KillerPsycho Med (Ward 21 Mega Bash)Badda Badda1999King JammyJammys
Bounty KillerPsychomedBadda badda1999JammyJammy
Bushman & I LueSend Dem ComeBadda Badda1999King JammyJammys
Captain BarkeyNuff A Do ItBadda Badda1999King JammyJammys
ChickenWork With ItBadda Badda1999King JammyJammys
Chico & SplintBad Man Nuh SmileBadda Badda1999Ward 21Jammys
Chuck FenderCouldn't WeBadda Badda1999King JammyJammys
Delly RanksPoint We OutBadda Badda1999King JammyJammys
Dennis BrownI'm ReadyBadda Badda1999Live And Love
DetermineLef Bout YahBadda Badda1999Rav 5
DevonteBorn BadBadda Badda
DevonteThe BounceBadda Badda1999Shocking Vibes
Dutty CupGood WuckBadda Badda1999King JammyJammys
Eddie ViciousAlly ButonBadda Badda1999King JammyJammys
Elephant ManDone DemBadda Badda1999King JammyJammys
Future TroublesGimme Some LoveBadda Badda1999King JammyJammys
Galaxy PLion PawBadda Badda1999King JammyJammys
GhostWasted SmokeBadda Badda1999Shocking Vibes
Harry ToddlerA Fassy DemBadda Badda1999King JammyJammys
HawkeyeOnly Stick ItBadda Badda1999Patrick RobertsShocking Vibes
HawkeyeTranquilBadda Badda1999King JammyJammys
Jigsy KingBad Mind And GrudgefullBadda Badda1999King JammyJammys
Kiprich & ShamrockNah SwitchBadda Badda
LexxusGet Wid ItBadda Badda2000King Jammy
Little KirkDem A ScrewBadda Badda1999Shocking Vibes
Little LennyDash A FireBadda Badda1999Rav 5
Mega BantonLove ItBadda Badda1999Shocking Vibes
Million TeethTable TurnBadda Badda
Mr VegasDi PositionBadda Badda1999King JammyJammys
Mr VegasDrunkin WispyBadda Badda1999Shocking Vibes
Natourious BiggaLiar-LiarBadda Badda1999King JammyJammys
Paul ElliottNutten Nah GwanBadda Badda1999King JammyJammys
PinchersWho Dem A Call ForBadda Badda1999King JammyJammys
PowermanCorrel WeBadda Badda1999King JammyJammys
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Sean PaulFadedBadda Badda1999King JammyJammys
Sean PaulFadedBadda BaddaKing Jammys
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Shad DuThe Sound OfBadda Badda1999Shocking Vibes
Silver CatNaah DecayBadda Badda1999Shocking Vibes
Snagga PussLearn NowBadda Badda1999Shocking Vibes
Tanto MetroNo BwoyBadda Badda1999Shocking Vibes
Ward 21Bada BadaBadda Baddao1999King JammyJammys
Ward 21HatersBadda Badda1999King jammyJammys
Ward 21HatersBadda badda1999JammyJammy
Ward 21What Ya Wanna DoBadda Badda
ZebraSelassie WarningBadda Badda1999King JammyJammys
ZebraSelassie WarningBadda BaddaKing Jammys
[Dub]Badda Badda VersionBadda Badda1999Patrick RobertsShocking Vibes
[Dub][Bada Bada Version]Badda Badda1999King JammyJammys
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