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MP3 file:


Street Sweeper

Sly and Robbie started the year in a big way with the extra heavy (but sadly overlooked as it turned out) New Thing riddim. I was about to call it riddimof the year already in Februari, but two other veterans was to show thatit wouldn't be undisputed.

I was at a dance in Mars or April when out of the speakers came the voice of the most gruff voiced of gruff voiced DJs, Burro Banton. The delivevery was wicked, but the riddim just SHOCKING! One of the heaviest riddims I have ever heard. I was stunned!

As it turned out what I just had heard was a brand new Steelie and Clevie riddim called Street Sweeper. And really, the term "instant classic" springsto mind because it is so inventive, so well built, rythmatically complex butyet at first listen so simple. Not to mention brutally heavy! I was planning to start building riddims of my own encuraged by unelegantly built riddims like Unda Wata, Bada Bada and Coochie, but when I heard Street Sweeper I instantly cancelled my plans. I think I'll leave it to others to embaress themself with trying to compete with riddims like this.

As many of you old timers probably have noticed that the riddim is reminiscent of the one Barrington Levy cut Here I Come on. That riddim,(anyone who know his name BTW?) was itself inspired of the way operatorssometimes slided the volume bars up and down to accent the bass notes of the riddims. So now you now...

(Years after writing this Nathaniel Greene was nice enough to help me out:
"If you haven't figured it out since you wrote that, "Here I Come" is on Revolution originally by D. Brown.")

Thanks Natel. Just one question, what are you other guys doing? Should it really take year to answer this simple question? Shame on ya all!!! ;) )

Also it was great to hear the veteran Burro Banton streching out on a new and hot riddim. He probably felt some pressure to do good there, because he draw fe a old trusted card, his Boom Wah Dis lyric, cut several timesbefore. So he revisited Boom Wah Dis land as in the days of early eightieswhen he was hotter than Vegas. And evidently things haven't changed much, Sugar Minott and Gregory Isaacs are still his favourite singers.

(Ok, I stole that joke from Dub Vendors mail order letter. (If you don't getit you never grooved to his old BoomWahDis:es 15 years ago. But don't be sad, this probably means you are not as terribly old as some of the others of us.)

For a long time I was really upset. The reason for this was that for some a few cuts was realeased on a album called Street Sweeper, but only half of the tracks whereStreet Sweeper cuts, and lots of the best, Burros and Capleton for example, was missing. I was waiting for the a Street Sweeper album withall of the version on it, but started to fear that the it would neverbe a reality and the riddim would be overlooked the same way as NowThing was. But at last "Street Sweeper - Round Two" arrived. A great riddimalbum of course, but had only all the best version been collected on it instead of spread over 1 1/2 album this would have been a classic riddim album in thesame class as Sleng Teng Extravaganza, Heathen Chant and the Stalag albums.

And lately cuts from other producers are starting to arrive, and at the timeof writing the top of the reggae charts are totally dominated by StreetSweeper cuts. More riddim albums to expect!

This is definately the biggest riddim since Joyride of -97. A classic riddim is born! To qoute the intro:


Selecta/June -99

:-) Selecta

Riddim origin information:
Artist: Burro Banton
Song: Boom Wah Dis
Year: 1999
Label: Studio 2000

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Comments (latest first):

another hot one.yeah we know burro banton killed it,but dont forget about sean paul and mr vegas HOT GIAL. elephant man with DUN THE PLACE.and capleton with FINAL ASSASSIN

Comment by: the m@ster Date: 2007-01-11


Comment by: Date: 2006-11-03

8 Ball was another Street Sweeper version worth mentioning. Goofy produced, check this Ele inna opera style for example:

Comment by: Yaddalong Date: 2006-06-14

i dont know if you all remember dis track dat was on one of de street sweeper cds a few years back maybe in 2000 or 2001..........it was the bill clinton diss if you all know where i can get a hold of that i'd greatly appreciate it :-D. thanks.........alexis.

btw my email is aknightstarr@msn.com (thats if you kno where i can get a hold of it)

Comment by: Alexis Knight Date: 2006-05-18

ESte es el mejor riddim lo siento no hablo ingles

Comment by: Je$$y Date: 2006-01-18

Excellent Riddim. Love it. Propz to Selecta. Feelin Da Site Bro

Comment by: CRaZyy SKiLLz Date: 2006-01-14

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ZebraUnfair You KnowStreet SweeperStudio 2000
ZebraUnfair yuh knowStreet sweeper1999S&CStudio 2000
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