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Rough Life

Vegas redid his Heads High hook on this riddim in a combination piecewith Cobra called Guns High. A pity he had to reuse it, on the other hand the cut got very popular.

This cut is from one of my favorite DJ's, Jigsy King, and from one ofmy favourite singer/DJ combinations, Jigsy King and Tony Curtis. It's called Work Dem Hard. It's a pity Jigsy has lost a little of his old touch. But he still makes excellent records every now and then. Don't forget that at one point in time this man was as hot as Vegas is now. And deservedly so, his Load It Back for VP is a (hate to use thisword about something that this new, it must be the most misused word in the reggae business, but here it comes:) classic.

Selecta/oct -98

:-) Selecta

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Roundhead do big pon dis riddim!!!High grade a Dweet!!!

Comment by: Date: 2008-07-28

Big up to Jamraid 4 this 1..

Comment by: Rudeboy Date: 2006-07-03

Yo da riddim ya big star. Trust me man. Love it to the max. Bless

Comment by: Prince Date: 2006-01-14

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