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MP3 file:


Heads Roll

Penthouse riddim, nice but maybe not up to their usual standard. Usuallythe Penthouse riddims has a classic ingredient to them, as for example thewonderful Sexy Girls riddim. This is more standard "hot today forgotten tomorrow" ragga lick. Versions include Bujus original, Vegas Gal Dem A Penny Me, Devonte & Tanto Metro Girls Ready (this sample) and two more.

Penthouse very seldom cut more than 5 versions on each riddim, it was the same with Sexy Girls and Up Close And Personal.I would think this is a planned strategy. If you have a stable of artiststhat you are building, as Germain has done with Buju for example, it is probably wise not to have to many artists on one riddim, because when the riddim is played the time will be shared between the different cuts and if there is 12 - 15 cuts very little will be played from each cut, especially when played on radio. People won't be able to discover artist if he just appears a few seconds in some sort of megamix styled playing.

The absolutely brilliant reggaematic (http://www.reggaematic.com/) hasa very interesting interview with Bounty where he comments on this:
"having ten man on the rhythm shorten the lifespan of your song, cause they have to shorten the play of your song to give a next man a play.If you alone on the rhythm, they have to play your song till they tired of it. If they want that rhythm again, they come back to it."

That's probably correct but then he goes on to say that the riddim business is weakening Jamaican music and I don't think that correct. Versioning is agood thing, especially when it's versioning as in building a original riddim and having different vocals cut on it. It may not be good for the artists but for the producers and the music I don't think it's wrong.(But I'm not so sure that cutting the threehundredfiftyforth version of African Beat and having 15 different vocals cut in it are that good though...).


Selecta/oct -98

:-) Selecta

Riddim origin information:
Artist: Buju Banton
Song: Heads Roll
Year: 1998
Label: Penthouse

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Comments (latest first):

awsome riddim

Comment by: di giant Date: 2008-09-28

sweet riddim, needs to be reversioned.

Comment by: Rydeboy1086 Date: 2007-05-13

Good riddim, hard to find though.

Comment by: wazim Date: 2006-12-02

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