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Riddim built by Steely & Clevie.Called Bagpipe for obvious reasons, but not very bagpipeish sound.The .wav which they took from a sample CD was called bagpipe.wav, that's where they got the name from.

That was a lie, yes....

But I guess this is how they build the riddims these days. My own very limited experience with computer music software tells me it can be done by anyone with a little computer experience and lots of timeand patience. Knowing what will get the dancehall audience wild is however the difficult thing. Unless you happen to own a top Yard sound whereyou can try out your riddims.... Do you?

Versions on this on include Beenies smash Year 4, Devonte & Tanto Metrosexcellent She Gone (where this sample is taken from), Goofy's Tatty Boom and of course the mandatory Vegas killer called Latest News.

Selecta/oct -98

:-) Selecta

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Comments (latest first):

Year wicked riddim when I was in school writting CXC examz around june 98' Mash up d summer braincooler in tabaquite....nuff respect to steely big up all old school fanz!! She gone!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by: Clarence Date: 2009-09-07

the very good osn peace timal france

Comment by: timal1 Date: 2009-07-09

tanto metro y devonte Mortal respeto para ese gran chune

Comment by: Date: 2008-06-07

aaahhh ... found afew... and nanaged to make a small mix...

I hope u guys enjoy it!!...


Comment by: DELGADO MOB. Date: 2008-01-16

there is quite afew songs out ther who took on this riddim here is afew:

Beenie Man - Year 4
General B - You See Me
General Degree - Signal
Mr Vegas - Latest News
Screechie Joe - Zuggie Zuggie
Tanto Metro - She Gone
Tanto Metro & Devonte - She Gone
Zebra - You See Me

I'll hook u up with a nice trak u can listen to when I find one!...


Comment by: DELGADO MOB. Date: 2008-01-15

where can I get dis riddim! can only find a few mp3's on d internet. if anyone knows a supplier wit d link let me kno_> paig@oceanfree.net

even just d riddim on mp3 will do:)

Comment by: Date: 2007-05-15

lol - i totally understand what u mean

Comment by: Date: 2007-01-19

1998 i was 17(now 24) sitting for my final O' level exams. And i can plainly blame this riddim for passing only 2 of the 8 subejects i was writting coz the very moment i heard this riddim alongside the Upclose & Personal i got hooked to dancehall forever.....seriously.
For that, this is my all time fav riddim ever,still rocks me 8 years later.
Love that Veags tune.


Comment by: Date: 2006-12-04

This one always got the dancefloor pack up when I was likkle! Big!!!

Comment by: Rissy Date: 2006-09-22

Pretty decent riddim if you ask me.Just
nice to warm up the dance floor

Comment by: Date: 2006-04-15

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Beenie ManYear 4Bagpipe1998Steely & CleevieStudio 2000
General BYou See MeBagpipe1998Steely & CleevieStudio 2000
General DegreeSignalBagpipe1998Steely & CleevieStudio 2000
GeniusEveryday DarlingBagpipe1998Steely & CleevieStudio 2000
GoofyTatty Boom BoomBagpipe1998Steely & CleevieStudio 2000
HawkeyeMoveBagpipe1998Steely & CleevieStudio 2000
Mad AndrewRudenessBagpipe1998Steely & CleevieStudio 2000
Mad AndrewWickedest ThingsBagpipe1998Steely & CleevieStudio 2000
Mr VegasLatest NewsBagpipe1998Steely & CleevieStudio 2000
Nitty KutchieHappy Go Lucky GirlBagpipe1998Steely & CleevieStudio 2000
Red RatWork With YouBagpipe1998Steely & CleevieStudio 2000
Screechie JoeZuggie ZuggieBagpipe1998Steely & CleevieStudio 2000
Spragga BenzSay YeahBagpipe1998Steely & CleevieStudio 2000
Squiddley RankingTek It OffBagpipe1998Steely & CleevieStudio 2000
Tanto Metro & DevonteShe GoneBagpipe1998Steely & CleevieStudio 2000
ZebraYou See MeBagpipe1998Steely & CleevieStudio 2000
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