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Killer riddim and not as exploited as many others. Which helps the fortunatethat cut versions on it into the spotlight. Vegas totally wicked (as all his tunes at the moment) Lef Ya Now was cut on this riddim. The onlyother versions released on it so far are two so so cuts by Main Street label clonesGoofy and Red Rat. Those guys seem to be on the way down, definitelyneeds some new influences. The cuts are That Cyaan Happen and Mix Up Melissa... Anyway, the lack of versions might be a planned move to draw maximumattention to Greensleeves Vegas CD. I doubt these will be the only versions, the riddim is to strong, someone is sitting on it. Riddim album to follow?Greeensleeves released these versions on 7". Production by Danny Browne.

This is a sample of Vegas version. No words needed. This must be the most distinct breakthrough since... Ninja? Courtney Melody? Barrington Levy?Can anything be compared?Imagine that this guy was absolutely unknown 12 months ago. I might bemistaken, but as far as I know he hadn't even recorded anything. From nothing to at least 30 totally wicked tunes, nuff chart toppers allover the world, touring, getting 5 - 10 of each of his tunes playedin every dance in every country all over the world in just a few months.It's just wonderful! This is why I love Jamaican music. You don't knowwhat will happen musically or what artists or styles will be hot in 12 months, you just know it's going to be different, and you know that what get you crazy now will sound dated in a year. So in 12 months fromnow Vegas might be history...

Selecta/oct -98

:-) Selecta

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Comments (latest first):

Wicked Riddim!!

Comment by: Date: 2008-07-28

Vegas did it again

Comment by: Real McCoy Date: 2007-01-23

I remember when i first heard this riddim i was ridin in a car in montego. I love this riddim. "1, 2 pretty gal bra a a haa aha ahaa"

Comment by: Jamal S. Date: 2006-09-01

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