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Beenie exploring the "nah bow" theme on a HYFSD production.

Nuff nah bowing going on at the moment. Bad man nah bow and rudegirls nah bow and cow nah bow...

A small discussion on Vegasand his various nah bow lyrics was going on in rec.music.reggae recently and when the discussion was about to really take off one guy wrote:

"why are JamaicanDJ's so against oral sex? Are they afraid of the pussy?!?! I'venever come across a woman who doesn't like it (pun intended!)."

I'm sorry, but I found this incredibly funny! Imagine... deh wickdess rudebwoy from outa Rema with him big Glock an ting come fe kill fe fun an... but wait! What's that? Oh, no...it's...it's..run, run!!

BTW, not one singel posting followed.

For more excellent nah bowing check Tanya Stephens Goggle.

Selecta/may -98

:-) Selecta

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Frisco do well pon dis riddim wit di passion touch

Comment by: Date: 2008-07-28

hello all i couldn't resist answering this which part of the bible does god say bowing,oral sex, nyamming or what ever you call it is wrong homosexuality is the sin not that and who want to do what they want in the privacy of their own house or others or on video camera that's for their pleasure and it's their song so let them sing it and we should stop being judgemental if you don't then kudos to you.....

Comment by: Date: 2007-03-28

Well a true - bow cat feh dead! Bible seh so.

Comment by: Date: 2006-05-17

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