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This version database contains Pupa Vlados Original Reggae Riddims Dot Com (+34 000 songs) and Robert Camphouse's Camphouse Riddim Index (+4000) songs:

Little John & Lee Van CleefAll Who Gone + Ganja Pipe A LightFull UpJah ThomasMidnight Rock
Little Lenny & Victoria StarkeyLove Me Kill MeFull Up1993-95Peter 'Chemist' Thompson & Clive Jarrett
Lone Ranger1/4 Lb Of IshensFull UpHenry WrightJah Life
Lone RangerMada RittyFull UpHyman 'Life' Wright
Lone RangerThree Mile SkankFull UpC S DoddStudio One
Louie CultureRevolution SongFull UpDave 'Rude Boy' KellyMad House
Louie CultureRevolution songFull up1994D.KellyVP
Louie CultureThe ScentFull UpColvin ScottRoaring Lion
Lt StitchieBun It DungFull Up
Lt. StitchieBun It DownFull Up
LucianoToo much smugglingFull up2003HarrisReality sound
Manuel StainUngratefulFull UpJah Hi Ya
Mark IcePromise LandFull UpWallstreet
Mc- Gregor, FreddieAfrica here I comeFull upDodd, C.S.Studio One
Michigan & SmileyPass It To The ChurchFull Up1983Doctor Dread
Michigan & SmileyThank You JahFull UpC S DoddStudio One
Michigan & SmileyThank You Jah (12 inch)Full UpC S DoddStudio One
Mighty DiamondsChalice inna circleFull upVP
Mighty DiamondsPass The KuchieFull Up1981Augustus 'Gussie' ClarkeMusic Works
Mighty DiamondsPass the kutchieFull up1981Clarke, A.G.Music works
Mighty DiamondsPass the kutchieFull up2002Wallstreet
Mighty DiamondsPass The KutchieFull UpMusic Works
Mighty DiamondsPass the Kutchie ( 12 ')Full up
Mighty Diamonds & Fragga RanksChalice In A CircleFull Up
Mighty Diamonds & Fragga RanksChalice In A CircleFull UpShocking Vibes
Mighty Diamonds & U-BrownProverb & The Man With The Hat (12 inch)Full Up
Mikey ManMinister For GanjaFull UpMikey Man
Mother LizaBore Nose PossieFull Up1983Bunny Lee
Musical YouthPass The DutchieFull Up1982Peter Collins
Musical YouthPass the dutchieFull up1982
Musical YouthPass the dutchieFull up1982CBS
Mykal RozeStalk Of SensiFull Up
Nigger Kojak & Mother LizaDedicated To YouFull Up1983Bunny Lee
Nitty KutchieMan a bad manFull up2005TrugenalBootleg
Noel HearneKouchieFull UpAugustus 'Gussie' Clarke
Nooks, GeorgeBorn as a winnerFull up2003Reality sound
Nooks, GeorgePolice & thievesFull up2002Banton, B.Gargamel
Pan HeadAfrican PrincessFull UpShocking Vibes
Pan HeadAfrican princessFull up
Papa TolloSpecial Request To David Rodigan And Tony WilliamsFull Up1983Bunny Lee
Paul, FrankieRub a dub with a feelingFull upDodd, C.S.Studio One
PinchersSomething Is MissingFull Up
PurplemanA Murder We Charge ForFull Up1984Kenneth Hoo Kim
Ranking DevonPass The Chalice In A CircleFull UpJ BrownAll Nation
Rapper Robert & Jim BrownMinister For GanjaFull UpC S DoddStudio One
Ras Leon & Manuel StainMary Jane FarmFull UpJah Hi Ya
RevolutionariesKutchie VersionFull Up1992Cegrica 'Soljie' Hamilton
RevolutionariesWhy WarFull UpJoseph Hoo KimWell Charge
Rexton GordonHeat Under The Sufferer's FeetFull Up
Richie StephensA Nuh Mi Sell The GeowFull UpDigital B
Richie StephensSell The CowFull Up1990Bobby 'Digital' DixonDigital B
Roland AlphonsoSound EqualizerFull UpC S DoddStudio One
Rose, MichaelStalk of sensemilliaFull up1994Bell, R.VP
SanchezBrown EyesFull Up1995Shocking Vibes
SanchezBrown eyesFull up1995Dixon, B.VP
Scientist & King TubbyChalice A Fe DubFull UpJah ThomasMidnight Rock
Scorcher, ErolJamaica niceFull up2002CunninghamStampede
Selassie, AnthonyPraisesFull up2001Hammond, B.Harmony house
Shabba RanksMandela FreeFull Up1990Bobby 'Digital' DixonDigital B
Shaka ShambaDis The ProgrammeFull Up1992Cegrica 'Soljie' Hamilton
ShineheadGood love tonightFull upEvans, C.African love
Singing MelodyIn This Love TogetherFull Up1990Bobby 'Digital' DixonDigital B
Singing MelodyIn This Love TogetherFull UpDigital B
Sound DimensionFull UpFull UpCoxsone
Spanner BannerBreak ChainFull Up1990Bobby 'Digital' DixonDigital B
Spanner BannerMoonlight CityFull Up1992Cegrica 'Soljie' Hamilton
Sugar MinottWorld Of SorrowFull Up1978Lightning
Sugar Minott & Stepping MiguelWorld Of Sorrow (12 inch)Full Up1978
Super CatChalice A LickFull Up
Super CatSandokanFull Up1988Philip 'Fattis' BurrellXterminator
Super CatSandokanFull up1988Xterminator
Tennessee BrownWhat A GwanFull UpC S DoddStudio One
ThrillerLove Line (12 inch)Full Up1983
Thriller URibbons In The SkyFull Up1990Bobby 'Digital' DixonDigital B
TigerTiger DonFull Up1988Harold 'Papa Biggs' McLarty & Doctor Dread
Tinga StewartDangerous SoundFull Up
Tony CurtisKnocking The BootsFull Up1994Anthony Redrose & Anthony MalvoHow Yu Fi Say Dat?
Tony TuffWeeping And WailingFull UpHenry 'Junjo' LawesVolcano
ToyanIt Have Fi LightFull Up1983Delroy Wright & Henry 'Junjo' Lawes
U-BrownGimme The MusicFull Up1983U-Brown
Uton GreenCan¦t TekFull Up
Wales, JoseySensiFull up1994Red RoseVP
Warrior KingMeditateFull up2005
Wayne WonderEbony EyesFull Up1990Bobby 'Digital' DixonDigital B
Wayne WonderSee Me NowFull UpShocking Vibes
Welton IrieBubbling TelephoneFull Up~1982-84
YellowmanCouchieFull Up1980Lloyd Campbell & Michelle CampbellThrillseekers
YellowmanCouchieFull up1980Campbell, L.Thrillseekers
YellowmanCouchie (12 inch)Full Up1980Lloyd Campbell & Michelle Campbell
YellowmanCranicFull Up1995
YellowmanIt haffi burnFull up
YellowmanJah Made Us For A PurposeFull UpHenry 'Junjo' LawesVolcano
YellowmanMi Mother Love, My Father LoveFull Up1987Philip 'Fattis' BurrellXterminator
YellowmanSensemillia (12 inch)Full Up1983Augustus 'Gussie' Clarke
YellowmanStay With Me (12 inch)Full Up
Yellowman & FatheadHerbman SmugglingFull Up1982Josef Hoo Kim
Zu ZuWorking GirlFull Up1983R ThomasTyphoon
[Dub Jah Thomas]Jah Thomas ChaliceFull UpvJah ThomasMidnight Rock
[Dub Jah Thomas]Visit DubFull UpvJah ThomasMidnight Rock
[Dub King Tubby]Sensimilia DubFull UpKing Tubby
[Dub]Full Up (Original Mix)Full UpC S DoddStudio One
[Dub]Full Up (Wild Mix)Full UpC S DoddStudio One
[Dub]Stalk Of Sensimillia VersionFull Up
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