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This version database contains Pupa Vlados Original Reggae Riddims Dot Com (+34 000 songs) and Robert Camphouse's Camphouse Riddim Index (+4000) songs:

Admiral TibettRushDrum Song1991Philip SmartTan-Yah
Al CampbellSinking SandDrum Song2000Anthony Redrose & Anthony MalvoHow Yu Fi Sey Dat?
Anthony BNah Go SurrenderDrum Song2000Anthony Redrose & Anthony MalvoHow Yu Fi Sey Dat?
Anthony Redrose & Anthony Malvo & Terror FabulousPassion Nuh RassionDrum Song1997
Augustus PabloDrum SongDrum Song1993Augustus Pablo
BadooRocking Of The Five ThousandDrum Song1980Glen Darby & Fatman
Badoo & ToyanRocking Of The Five Tousand (12 inch)Drum Song1980Glen Darby & Fatman
Badoo + ToyanRocking Of The Five Thousand (12 inch)Drum Song1980Glen Darby & Fatman
Big YouthBang DiboDrum Song1980Big YouthNegusa Nagast
Bounty KillerWho Create this worldDrum Song1997
Brown SugarNot Gonna CryDrum Song
CapletonBall A FireDrum SongDigital B
CapletonMan A Bawl (=Bawl Fire)Drum Song1997Bobby 'Digital' DixonDigital B
Clement IrieCome A MeDrum Song1991Philip SmartTan-Yah
Cocoa TeaHard TimesDrum Song1997
Daweh CongoJah call themDrum Song1997
Dawn PennSamfi BoyDrum Song1994Geoffrey Chung
Dennis AlcaponeCassius ClayDrum Song1972Bunny Lee
Derrick LaraCheaterDrum SongRichard BellStar Trail
Derrick MorganSeven LettersDrum SongCastle
DetermineWhoDrum Song1997
Devon RussellDrum SongDrum SongC S DoddStudio One
Devon RussellStory Of The DrumDrum SongRads
DirtsmanHot This Year (=Rough This Year)Drum Song1991Bobby 'Digital' DixonDigital B
E T WebsterGive ThanksDrum Song1997
Earl SixteenAfricaDrum SongC S DoddStudio One
Ed RobinsonHow Can YouDrum SongE J RobinsonTop Rank
Eric BubbleFe Me GypsyDrum Song
Fleshy RanksThe Unbottled WineDrum SongRichard BellStar Trail
Frankie PaulDay-ODrum Song1991Philip SmartTan-Yah
Frankie WilmottKing MosesDrum Song1997
General DegreeGun ButtDrum Song1991Philip SmartTan-Yah
General TK100%Drum Song1991Philip SmartTan-Yah
Gerald WilsonViva TiradoDrum Songn1962
Gregory IsaacsKill Them With MusicDrum Song1994Richard BellStar Trail
Hippy BoysCapoDrum Song
Hopeton LindoTime Fi UniteDrum SongRichard BellStar Trail
Horace AndyUnity (Extended)Drum Song1981
Jackie MittooDrum Song (Alternative Cut)Drum SongC S DoddStudio One
Jackie MittooHot BloodDrum SongThird World
Jackie Mittoo & Sound DimensionDrum SongDrum Songo1967C S DoddStudio One
Jah StitchMake A Joyful Noise (12 inch)Drum Song
Jah WooshJah CallDrum Song1978N Beckford
Jah WooshPsalms of WisdomDrum SongBlack Wax
Jim NasticChantingDrum SongC S DoddStudio One
John JuniorRoad Is RoughDrum Song1997
Junior ReidTime and placeDrum Song1997
Junior ReidTime And PlaceDrum SongBrickwall
Junior ReidTribulationDrum song1996Dixon, B.Brickwall
Ken BootheDrum SongDrum SongLloyd Charmers
Lloyd HemmingsFight The WarDrum SongRockers
Lloyd HemmingsFight This WarDrum SongAugustus Pablo
Louie CultureFire BunDrum Song1997
Louie CultureFire BurnDrum SongDigital B
Mafia & FluxyStory Of The VersionDrum SongvRads
Massive HornsYard SongDrum SongTop Notch
Morgan HeritageSet Yourself FreeDrum Song1997Bobby 'Digital' DixonDigital B
Morgan HeritageSet Yourself FreeDrum SongDigital B
Morgan, DerrickSeven lettersDrum song1969Robinson, H.Castle
MorwellsAfrica We Want To GoDrum SongNighthawk
Papa SanGi Mi Yuh LovinDrum Song
Papa SanOnly For JahDrum Song
Papa SanRun The RouteDrum Song1991Philip SmartTan-Yah
PinchersBig ChiefDrum Song1991Philip SmartTan-Yah
PowermanGirls Them DejayDrum SongUnity
Prezident BrownTalking DrumsDrum Song1997
Prince Far IBlack Man LandDrum Song1978Prince Far IMessage
Prince Far IEverytime I Hear The WordDrum Song1981Prince Far I
Prince Far IPsalm IDrum SongCarib Gems
Professor FriskyJoyful ShoutDrum Song1997
Ranking JoeJah Guide And Protect IDrum Song1981Ranking Joe & Jah Screw
RebelsRhodesiaDrum SongBlack Wax
Red Fox & Screechie DanPose OffDrum Song1991Philip SmartTan-Yah
Red Fox & Screechie DanPose Off (Hip Hop Mix)Drum Song~1991Philip SmartTan-Yah
Risto BenjiNah Go WorkDrum SongPriceless
Roland AlphonsoDrum Song StyleDrum SongImperial
Roland AlphonsoRevelation TimeDrum SongLloyd BarnesWackies
Ronnie DavisJah Jah JahoviaDrum SongNationwide
Roy ShirleyIsrealites Leave BabylonDrum Song
SanchezMy SoundDrum Song1992
Shaggy WonderI knowDrum Song1997
SizzlaMake It SecureDrum Song1997Bobby 'Digital' DixonDigital B
SizzlaMake it secureDrum song1997Dixon, B.
SizzlaMake It SecureDrum SongDigital B
Stranger ColeRed Gold and GreenDrum SongScorcher
Tappa ZukieJahovia (12 inch)Drum Song
Thriller UThis TimeDrum Song1991Philip SmartTan-Yah
TigerTouch Is A MoveDrum SongRobert Livingston
Tippa LeeRasta KitchenDrum Song1998C S Dodd
Tony RebelWork A Pay OffDrum SongRichard BellStar Trail
Wayne JarrettHoly Mount ZionDrum SongLloyd BarnesWackies
Willie LindoDrum SongDrum Song
Wonder TRock It SteadyDrum SongC S DoddStudio One
Yami BoloBinghi ManDrum Song1997
Yami BoloTeach The YouthDrum SongDigital B
Yammi BoloTeach The YouthDrum SongBobby 'Digital' DixonDigital B
[Dub Joe Gibbs]Power PackDrum Song1979Joe Gibbs & Errol Thompson
[Dub King Tubby]Dubbin' Of The Ten TousandDrum Song1973-81Glen Darby
[Dub Scientist]Drum Song DubDrum SongBrad Osborne
[Dub]Not Gonna Cry VersionDrum Song
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