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"Soundboy I would like to see your sound catch a fire"

I would like to know if there is an "original" for lyrics that have been sampled in various jungle/d&b tracks. The lines sampled most are "Soundboy I would like to see your sound catch a fire. Selecta drinking ice wata - dat couldn't cool off his tempa".
The longest sample can be found in L Double - Little Rollers Vol. 1. Here are the lyrics:

I've tried to google it with no results.

There is a tune on Kemet Records (Family of Intelligence - The Fruit, I believe) that samples a "special", where the lyrics are changed to "We nah ease up upon the jungle sound" instead of "We nah ease up a dibby dibby sound". This leads me to believe there is an original. Any help with this?

Thanks a lot!

hymie / jumpuphoolz

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